Some Site News

About time for a little update me thinks. The usual has happened the Wordpress team released a new version and the site engine got its update. The update went as smoothly as normal and the Wordpress team deserve credit for continuing to develop such a reliable, powerful and yet simple to administer piece of blogging software.

Enough about Wordpress itself, its time to explain the adjustments that I have put in place. I have been meaning to put some of my coding efforts onto the site for some time. These efforts are almost at a stage where they can be shown to the world but I discovered a few barriers in my way.

Including code as part of a page rather than a post was always the way I planned to add code to the site. The problem then arose that by adding a code sample as a page it lacked the possibility for others to comment on it. Whilst this lack of comments would be fine for most of the pages I decided that it may be beneficial to receive comments on the code samples as a way of perhaps refining, improving my efforts.

Time to hack some PHP to sovle the problem. It took me a little while to decipher the PHP, I’ve not at any PHP scripts in months. Creating a new page template by changing a handful of lines enabled commenting and also tied it into the admin screen. This will allow for the addition or removal of comments at a later date.

The second problem became apparent when trying to add a script with longer lines of text. The two column layout of most of the site squashed the scripts and broke the layout. The creation of another page template without the sidebar resolved this problem too.

These modifications should allow me to add code samples in the future in a more efficient way.