Project: Dark SleepΒΆ

The past couple of nights I have been taking steps to block the light escaping from my 24/7 pc. It is surprising what a few bits of black duck tape can do. LEDs on the network cards and other status lights on the rear of the case are the big offenders, as are the power and activity lights on the front.

The worst one was the blue LED on the motherboard. It was super bright and seemed to escape from every gap in the case. It was tricky to mask off but a pre-formed hood of tape crimped around the LED seems to have done the trick.

The hope is that the reduced ammount of light in my sleeping environment will result in better quality sleep.

Voice of Reason
The earth trembles with the concussion of Tunk's Carbon footprint. Just how many Watts are you using to keep a machine on to hum you to sleep?
I have no idea what my carbon footprint is, but I am taking steps to reduce it. This summer I hope to move my 24/7 services over to my Linux server. The server has an integrated gfx chipset, a single hard disk and on demand cpu scheduler. This will consume much less power than my windows box and should keep the room cooler as a result. Only yesterday i gave away my 19' CRT and connected the server into a secondary TFT input, that should be a big saving. I even unplugged a phone charger that has been keeping my old handset charged for over a year. I may still have a large carbon footprint but it has been reduced and will continue to decrease in size.
Blue Tac, works wonders and you're not as likely to pull the LED from its solder if you ever wish to see the light again. Permanent solutions aren't always the best, the blue tac will remain over the LED as long as you want to leave it on there.
The downside to blu-tac is it dries out and is more likely to detach. I think its fine for blocking leds on the outsides of devices but I prefer tape for the internals.