Halloween - Over for another year

The evening of October 31st is, for me, one of darkness. No it’s not my evil side taking over, although I suppose it depends on your point of view. The darkness comes from the turning off of the house lights to reduce the chances of a horde of scavengers attacking the front door with their grubby paws and demanding freebies upon its being opened. I don’t think on any other night of the year I could go to a random series of houses and ask for sweets/chocolate and be given the requested items willingly. So why should I expect to do it on October 31st?

The callers in their fancy dress is the last of the irritants for me. Halloween started months ago and peaks on the 31st. Blog posts with how-to’s and “Look and what I’,m wearing” have been surfacing daily. I couldn’t care less. It’s one night of the year yet people will spend a significant amount of money on it.

Enough of Halloween, it’s a year away now. The downside is that every day from now it’s another day closer.

Local scholar
I am in agreement with the esteemed author of Deltanova about the little tykes that appear on ones doorstep chanting 'we accept cash cheques and all major credit cards'. They do so in return for offering little more than the visual spectacle of four chavs huddled together wearing what can only be described as last years H & M winter collection. At least with other made up celebrations on the social calendar, such as Valentines day, one does get the benefit of a romantic evening with the opposite sex, with both parties knowing full well that an early night is defiantly on the cards! Therefore I fear it is time to take up arms against the militant chavs in order to make our streets, and windows, safe on the dates around the 31st of October and holt this blatant money grabbing scheme before it become enshrined in the delegate fabric of society in which we all live. My only wish is that the passion of others is equal to that of mine such that we may combine our efforts to rid the H&M chav from our streets for good!