Can A Person Have Too Many Computers?

I built myself a Gentoo server some time ago now but I have never used it to its full potential. It has certainly been useful as far as learning experiences go but it spends most of its time powered down. My problem would seem to be my attachment to my windows machine. It still runs all the 24/7 services I need and all I do is turn the speakers and monitors off when I don’t need it.

I could transfer some of the services over to the server and power down the windows machine. The problem then comes when I need to access the server with the windows machine offline. The servers keyboard and mouse commands are routed across the network from the windows machine and the Gnome GUI is useless without windows machine being on.

I could buy a hardware KVM switch but they are not as flexible as the software KM switch that is synergy. The downside to synergy is that is appears that its development has been stalled for over 12 months.

I’m now unsure how to configure my environment. The windows machine is the primary games machine apart from that its functions can be moved over to Linux. I have a crt connected to my server but an LCD with a free VGA port. I could retire the CRT and save some desk space and power but it is extra screen there if I wish to review alot of information at once.

My reasoning behind this current post/thought process is that summer is on the way and my computers do produce quite a bit of heat in a small room. While this was great during the colder months it is not so welcome during the warmer ones.

For along time I under used my laptop as I tried to get it setup with Gentoo. It has now reached a stage where I am somewhat happy with the result. It is a nicely configured mobile computing platform. It is because of the setup on the laptop that the Gentoo install on the server is under used.

The solution might be to retask the server, give it a more specific role and make it a headless box once again. It’s a shame the ideal solution hasn’t yet presented itself. It would save me a great amount of time if it did.

Voice of Reason
'By 2007 I want to be comfortable enough with Linux to be able to rid myself of windows alltogether.' :ref:`Gentoo On RaverBaby <blog/WPArchive/2003/gentoo-on-raverbaby:Gentoo On RaverBaby>` So either A, you aren't comfortable with Linux or B, Linux isn't as good as you claim. (I say large monolithic kernels are a bad idea).
Ah nothing like a good quote. It's fair to say that I am getting quite comfortable with Linux and if I could replace windows I would. However mainstream media and hardware vendors are not making things easy. I can confidently say that I will not install windows on any pcs I build from scratch that are not built for games. A pc games box is the only reason I would use windows. Secondly because I sometimes have to bring work home and modify it, it is alot easier to work with office than open office. Less chance of it messing it up. If I want to create a new document I will use open office. Another point I will pick up on are 'large monolithic kernels'. Whilst this may be true of distributions like ubuntu catering for the masses. Being a Gentoo user I have always compiled my own kernel and it only contains the things I want and is setup for the purpose I want. So in summary you were closest with point B but that is mainly down to games support and some missing drivers mainly due to manufacturers. I still think linux is the way forward.
Could we by chance see a photo of your system setup in your room? It would be cool if you got in the pic too but seriously I'd love to see your setup.
I shall see what I can do. Might need to tidy my desk up first.
Any chance of just one single photo then?