Another Parking Violation

Well I was in London again the other day and the nice parking enforcement people decided to leave a note of my windscreen. The note instructed me to make a donation to the good people at the London Borough of Barnet to the sum of £80. But that I may make a smaller donation of £40 within 2 weeks.

How am I meant to avoid parking offences when there is no place to leave a motor vehicle near the place I need to visit? I can’t park too far away as I need to make several trips to the car loading and unloading. I respect the need for controlled parking but during the day when people move about there should be places for people to park.

My main complaint is London itself. It’s an awful place to drive into. Given the choice I would not drive there, but my job requires it. My suggestion to big business is to locate to a city/site with a better planned layout to make life for the on-site contractor easier.

What do you do in London Tunk? What is your line of work, that the question on many lovers of King of thee DeltaNova.
Sorry to repost, but I got a fine the other day FOR BACKING INTO A CAR PARKING SPACE! Done nothing else wrong, I'd paid the parking ticket machine, I was perfectly in place but ohhh nooo I backed into my space!! FOOLS!
My apologies that it has taken a while for me to approve your comments. In answer to your question about my job, I test and calibrate medical equipment at doctors surgeries. Most surgeries in London don't have enough parking space for the staff let alone contractors like me. As a result I have to park where I can and move my equipment (some of it heavy) into the surgery. I'd like to know more about your fine though. What kind of space are your only allowed to be facing in one direction?
Well I wrote a letter to the Judge about it, but personally I reckon the rule is in place so the warden doesn't have to get out of her car to see the license!
Voice of Reason
Did you know, most health and safety professionals (aka imbeciles) advise people to back into car park bays rather than driving into them as it's statistically safer for pedestrians.