I was hoping to start of 2007 with a post around a week ago, obviously this didn’t happen, oops. Now for my usual excuses, I have been away from regular internet access and have been suffering from man-flu. I’m almost better now, so on with the new year.

Rather than the resolutions of previous years, some of which were only listed as filler anyway, I have a few simpler goals.

  1. Contribute more to Open Source Software - It might be writing documentation or code, perhaps just helping other users. It’s about time I gave back to the community.

  2. Upgrade my PC - A new TFT & GFX card are on the main list, possibly new case fans and another hard disk as the budget allows.

  3. Finish reading the book I started over a year ago - Once I get through it I can start on something else.

I think that is enough for me to manage, best not to have targets that I’ll only fail in meeting. There are a few other things I might try along the way, setting up a wiki, different site content management systems and even finishing my test GUI application written in wxPython.

Well thats how my year should pan out. Time to get on with it I suppose.

A very nice young man
Shouldn't 'get laid' be one of those goals too?
The real very nice young man
Tunk I don't wish this to sound like i'm doubting your intelligence, but i feel it important to ensure your aware that i (the person that shook your hand that wonderful night before Christmas, and if i'm honest, initiated what can only be described as a future special friendship) did not post the above message. It is by some pathetic impostor, who can only be jealous of the interaction that took place between you and I, and as such feel the need to either replace me in the equation, or as is seemingly the case insult you, your dreams, your ambitions and everything you hold dear, so that you no longer value my friendship or look back fondly upon the moment we shared together. Please, do not be fooled my Tunkster. If however you do harbour some ambitions to get laid at some point this year and it appears to be more of a struggle to implement than your initial planning had allowed for, just let me know, i know the number of a few very discreet young, well middle aged if we're honest (at best), pretty, well, not quite vomit inducing anyway, ladies (technically) who could be called upon in your hour of need.