What Happend To Project Zombie?

Well it didn’t exactly rise from the dead as planned. I got to the stage where I was in need of a desktop machine, the laptop was becomming a bit restrictive. The release date of Galactic Civilisations 2 was closing in too which wasnt helping my struggle with less than optimum hardware.

Eventually the wallet came out and a big spend resulted in a working system. The exact specs can be seen on the ‘My Computers’ page. Some of the parts like the case, speakers,monitors etc were used again but virtually all the internals were replaced.

The system has been running well ever since and was a reasonable price for the hardware it includes. It also has upgrade potential. I could add an AMD X2 to replace the single core AMD 64 3700+ at a later date, at the moment I dont need the extra power (or expense).

The old motherboard was finally scrapped today. I had planed to get the soldering iron out to remove a few ports for possible use with a few experimental projects. I never got round to it, it’s easier to buy new anyway and I dont think I would have needed many of the ports anyway.

The hard drives are the only things that worry me about the new system. I occasionally get a unfamiliar noise. I suspect the read/write heads on one of the drives to be less than optimal but this is something I will be keeping an eye on.