Waiting For GalCiv2

The release date for Galactic Civilisations 2 was the 21st. Atleast it was for everybody who bought it via the electronic download. I am still waiting for my boxed collectors edition. I might have to wait a bit longer as I ordered via Amazon and they need for the european distributer to send the copies to them. I thought the distributer would have sent the game out by now but it appears not. So the new release date appears to be the 3rd of March. This puts the release date as next friday. If Amazon don’t dispatch the game before then I’m not going to recieve my copy until the following week as I doubt I’ll get a weekend delivery.

I have been spending many hours looking over the forums and the feedback from the people already playing is very good. It makes me want the game even more and the wait more frustrating.

It was a lucky chance that I checked my order status on Amazon. They had only gone and reduced the game whilst keeping my order at the old price. A quick email to them later and they changed my order to the lower price. Thats a saving of £9 :), I should have it sometime in the next week.