Thought Of The Month - December 2006ΒΆ

Is there a dramatic increase in the number of toilet flushes during the month of December?

The reason for such a thought is that with the consumption of vast quantities of alcohol and 3 course meals many people need to dispose of more waste. Is there anybody out there who has an answer?

A very nice young man
Tunk, i need to make you aware of my current situation. I keep getting funny, well if we're honest, digusted looks at work. my right hand smells, it's sweaty and clamy. It also isn't that clean if i'm honest. Now no doubt you're wondering why the hell i'm telling you this, indeed why would i admit to having my hand in such a state, well, it's my right hand, which again, at the moment will mean nothing to you, or anybody else who reads this wonderful creation of yours. Until that is, i explain it is the hand that pressed against yours in a soft, but memorable hand shake on Saturday 23rd (hey it may even have been the early hours of Sunday 24th) and understandably has not been washed since. It was a honour to meet you in person Lord Delta of ye Nova
Might I suggest you clean your hand, wouldn't want you getting ill from all the germs. It is always nice to meet those who appreciate the site. I can be booked for appearances in future, Terms and Conditions will be discussed on a case by case basis.