R.I.P. Computer

It had to happen at sometime it’s just an inconvienience that it happened now. My primary computer has passed away, :(. It started to make the odd noise that had me concerned about the status of the main hard drive. I rebooted to run scan disk only for it never to successfully boot again. I suspect the hard disk controller on the motherboard to be at fault. My data is safe and has been backed up. I tried repeatedly to revive it, with cold starts, resets and a clean out with compressed air but with no sucess.

My problem now is that I can’t afford to build a replacement machine and replacement parts aren’t really upto the performance task. Repairing it wouldnt be cost effective as I have been considering a replacement for the past 12 months. What makes matters worse is that my chosen upgrade path is hindered by changes in the CPU socket and Memory type for upcomming AMD processors. Sometime in Q2 this year AMD will release the M2 socket processors and move to using DDR2 ram, this is a big change and I am already 2 sockets out of date.

I will have to have a good long think about what to do next.