Progress Report

It’s been a long day of work on the site, many things have changed. There are still things about the design I want to change, but on the whole it looks better than it did 24 hours ago. I decided to split the data in the right column into boxes to breakup the solid block of colour. The Weather Pixie has made a welcome return, although might move location yet. Currently the right column is quite wide resulting in some space to the right of the boxes. I could reduce this but it’s going to upset the titles in the pages section. Going to see how that plays out as the tweaking continues before deciding on a final solution.

The poll script I have been experimenting with is currently disabled. It works fine but the code it inserts isnt XHTML 1.0 Transitional Compliant and results in errors when I try to validate the site. I believe in being compliant with the standards, so the poll will remain disabled until  it can be made to validate correctly.

Update: Right column has been narrowed and work was undertaken to make the comment pages fit in better with the new scheme. I still plan on working on the colours of some bit but uptil now structure has been the main focus. If whilst browsing the site you notice anything that looks wrong tell me about it here. The sooner I know about it the sooner i can fix it.