PC Rubbish

Once again I open up the paper to find the PC brigade messing about in day to day life.

Marriage is the new banned word. Why? There is a chance it might offend same sex couples in registry offices. What a load of rubbish, most of them will be happy they now have a legal right to a civil partnership and probably couldn’t care less what is on a sign or mentioned by a passing person.

If everybody has to be so equal in their views and day to day activities, why don’t they campaign for everybody to have the rights to the same wage? Here is where it falls down. I suspect that the PC crowed are on a reasonable income, I’ve yet to meet somebody less well off who is PC. The PC crowed have more time and money than sense and use it to get up the noses of everybody else. If they put their time to complain about something more useful then we would all benefit. But because of them we now live our lives being tied into contracts that can see us lose our jobs for a minor comment that one of the PC spies decide could/would be offensive to somebody, somewhere, sometime.

What should we do about it? Well we can’t shoot them or hang them, they would only complain about that. We could let them keep making their changes and suggestions them blame them for destroying our society and its culture. The best thing I think is to tackle them one by one and give them a good talking to. Open their eyes to the world outside their PC mind to see the variety and individuality they are trying to destroy. If that doesn’t  do the trick, throw them in a pond, lake, canal etc.