I’ve Been Quiet Again

Looks like another significant amount of time has passed since I last posted on the site. I have been my usual busy self, getting along with other things on my todo list.

I have spent some time looking at what I want to do to improve the site. I had considered switching from WordPress to Joomla as the site engine. The nice thing about Joomla is its flexibility as a multi-purpose Content Management System (CMS), for me this is also appears to be its downfall. The install wasn’t quite as smooth as WordPress and there appears to be alot of configuration needed to get it working in the fashion desired. WordPress is  a little more ready out of the box and more suitable for me at the moment.

I’m not ditching Joomla just yet however. I’m going to run a test site for a while and have a play about with it. Perhaps in time I might still change over. In the mean time WordPress has moved to version 2.0.5 and the site is now upto date again.