I Hate London

On Friday afternoon I needed to visit a surgery, walk in, pick up two items and walk out. Parking was not available so i stopped in a residents parking bay. I wasn’t going to be there long and it was a quiet street. After being in there 5 minutes and returning to my car I had picked up a parking fine. I was not a happy bunny.

Imagine my delight when I open the post this morning and find another penalty charge notice. This time I’ve not been ticketed by a warden but caught on camera stopping in a yellow box whilst in a queue of traffic the Friday the week before (again in London). A slight misjudgement on my part leads me to another fine.

In my defence the roads around the capital are a joke. If they had been planned better or certainly reworked they wouldn’t be in the mess they currently are. The parking situation is terrible, i can understand residents areas for use by the local people, but during the day those spaces can remain empty and business users who could use them for a while are not allowed and are forced to fight for meter spaces with a 4 hour limit. How am I supposed to do a 9-5 job in 4 hours? I end up having to find another meter far enough away that I don’t get caught by the “no return within X hours” clause.

How many more fines are in the post? Hopefully none. I’m just pissed that for 3 and a bit months I’ve been on the road not getting any and on my last week before moving to spend more time in the office picking up 2.

Before: Before_Img

After: After_Img

THANK YOU for posting those photo's Tunk! Seriously, that is amazing for technology to find you sitting there and to send you an automatic ticket! AMAZING! Seriously though, thanks for putting up those pictures.