Home Server Build

The recent release of the Intel Core 2 Duo has resulted in a price war with AMD. The result, falling processor prices on both sides. I’d been monitoring the situation for a couple of weeks and this weekend the prices were right for me.

I had been considering building a server for myself to use as a mail and file store. The prices were right for one of my custom builds. Older hardware would be sufficient for the task but buying newer kit will hopefully mean it lasts longer. Another use for the server, since it will be overpowered, might be to use it to play back films on a crt (colour is better than my TFTs).

A new family PC has been on the cards for about a month since its PSU died, it wasn’t worth repairing. So it seemed logical to build them up together. Almost identical hardware specs, the main differences will be due to fitting the server in a 2U rackmount case.  It’s going to be interesting to build in a rack case as I’ve never tried it before. It’s also going to be interesting setting up a dedicated server. I’ll be able to turn my main desktop off once in a while and hopefully have just a cooler quieter server to listen to.

The family PC will be running with Windows XP and the server Gentoo Linux. I’ll post the final hardware specs once they are built and running. If anybody else is thinking of upgrading or building now is a good time in my opinion.

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