GalCiv 2

Galactic Civilisations 2 is soon to be released. Why am I telling you this? Well, GalCiv 1 was one of the best strategy games I have played in years. It was a well constructed game, it was distributed by the creators as a download and it was under active development for 12 months after the initial release to bug fix, balance gameplay and add a few new features. With developers who have designed a game for the players and listened to their opinions to make it a better game I can’t see how Gal Civ 2 can fail to be anything but a huge success.

“But I never played Gal Civ1”, you say. Go an buy the download and play it. Gal Civ 2 is another game entirely. The developers intended to create a second game, not a sequal. The game play as a result is different in each game. To my knowledge they are still going to be maintaining Gal Civ 1 for a while yet, so you get two great games to play from one developer.

I suggest you look at the screenshots on the Gal Civ 2 site, they look incredible. My only grumble is that with my computer dead I might have to wait a bit longer before I can play it. The release date is currently Feb 21st 2006.