Time I Could Have Spent Sleeping

Today I went back to Uni ready to start working again. A 9am start on a monday requires me to leave the house earlier than normal and to catch an earlier bus. This means getting up earlier than usual.

On arriving at Uni I met up with Rob and had a chat over a nice fried breakfast. We made our way to the lecture. Nobody turned up, not that unusual. People often filter in a little late monday mornings. We were then alerted to the fact the lecture wasnt starting till 12, 3 hours later.

If I had known about this delay I would have caught a later bus. I pay to learn. I expect to be able to. The delay wasn’t even communicated via email. The only communication method generally available over the xmas holiday. I wandered aimlessly around Nottingham for several hours. I had to take part in market research to use my time up. Engineers should not be doing market research, thats something for multimedia students to do.

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