The Week That Was

It’s been a different type of week. Not really a bad week but one where stuff occurred that usually doesn’t. It being half term for the school kids seemed to have upset the balance of Nottingham city centre. Monday I wandered away from the university building to mix with the rest of the public. I wish I hadn’t bothered. The place was full of people, trying to wander about was incurred the same level of difficulty as the Christmas shopping usually does.

Greggs was chosen as the establishment to provide me with nourishment. On arrival at the front of the queue I was greeted by one of the extra members of ‘brain dead’ staff. I asked for a Jumbo Sausage Roll and a Sausage and Bean Melt. Nothing complicated about that. I exchanged currency for afore mentioned goods and proceeded back to the safety of the pub. I removed the sausage roll from its paper bag and was immediately disappointed by the fact it wasn’t the jumbo one requested. I couldn’t be bothered to go back and complain. On finalising the consumption of the sausage roll I proceeded to the next item. The pastry case had retained a reasonable amount of heat, whilst ensuring the inside of my mouth wouldn’t be thermally removed whilst eating it. I sunk my teeth in expecting the sausage and bean sensation to be exciting my taste buds. But no, my taste buds were instead treated to some vegetable based rubbish with an unpleasant after taste. Half of that was enough for it to be discarded. I wasn’t a happy consumer. Greggs needs to work on improving its staff. It can’t be that difficult to pick the right items, can it? My next Greggs encounter was at another outlet and the service there was much better, I got what I wanted. So will I still purchase from Greggs? Yes, just not from specific incompetent fools that work there.

Tesco didn’t rate much better either this week. An evening shopping trip left a choice of tills to go to. The first was loaded up with a female shopper with a trolley full of products and staffed by a woman. The second staffed by a man had a couple of blokes at it with about 5 items each. Based on my experiences working at Somerfield tills operated by women serving women tend to operate slower as operator and customer tend to engage in a little conversation. Tills operated by men serving men operate quickly as there is no conversation and everybody wants to get the whole buying experience over and done with. So I selected the second till. I was disgusted by the fact the two operators kept turning around and talking to each other whilst in the middle of serving customers. The conversation wasn’t work related. Idle chat should be saved for the absence of customers to serve. I was forced to wait a longer period of time to get through the till as a result. I suggest Tesco monitor their staff and attempt to eliminate such practices amongst its staff.

The week also featured a programming assignment at Uni. Whilst an interesting task it began to do my head in. Spending 2 full days sitting in front of a terminal screen pulling my hair out was not ideal. But it needed to be done. On the plus side I have not slept so well in ages. The constant stress of trying to get it finished and sitting on an uncomfortable chair for hours on end can really drain your energy.

The week has been so unusual that the daily updates of the computers to the gentoo portage tree were abandoned. All this has resulted in the need to compile quite a few new updates today. The only thing I think I can do to save this week is spending this evening in front of the TV with a beer.

On the Greggs bit, check exchanged goods before leaving, then complain to the incompetant fool who served you.
Oh yes... forgot to type, that week is nothing compared to the 4 ahead, i have about 5 pieces of coursework to do for various modules before easter, this is gonna be one heck of an intresting month. Be rate though, I'm not gonna quit, not yet.....
'Jumbo Sausage Roll'? 'Sausage and Bean Melt'? Sounds like you'd enjoy the dishes found at:
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