Quality HardwareΒΆ

A thunderstorm provided some interesting activity on the power grid. In the home the lights briefly dimmed and a few appliances were caused to reset/reboot. One surprise however was my main computer which remained unaffected. I initially thought this was down to the surgeprotected extention blocks. However i concluded this was not the case as an audible power discharge was heard through my speakers and through the rebooting of a freeview box both of which were surge protected.

The only possible reason for the computer not being subjected to rebooting must be the power supply. More expensive power supplys create better power for the components by cleaning up the mains supply being used. This process was enough to ride out the minor power anomaly. Had I been working on the PC at the time, work could have been lost during the unexpected reboot.

Computers are getting cheaper as the cost of components decreases. Components are not all of the same standard though. They may meet the specifications for the task they carry out but thats usually it. Components that exceed specifications are more expensive but ensure greater reliability. Components all need power. They can function very well, but if the power they are getting is disrupted the predictable functionality is lost and errors occur. A high quality power supply, as this recent instance proves, is well worth the extra money.