Exeem LiteΒΆ

I decided to try out the much hyped exeem lite (exeem without the adware). I can say I was disapointed with the result. Apart from the program being unstable I found the actual method of finding and downloading files involved too much clicking.

Upon starting the program you immediately see that it has been designed to look nice. I would rather have a bad looking app that works in a better way than to have something with huge screen hogging graphics and unusable.

Exeem shit, DC good, 'nuff said. Keep it dereg.
I agree, I used exeem from the start and decided to wait for a while because 99% of the time I could not get a connection or it was slow. I now find that with .25 beta it has not improved at all. LITE means not able to work at all. Come on get this thing working correctly or bring back suprnova which at least worked.