Driving Test PassedΒΆ

5th time lucky, the driving practical test has been passed. About time too, the DSA have had a small fortune off me. The problem now is that driving is too expensive, ah well.

driving god
haha took u 5 times to pass i done it in 1 with 3 faults. only learnt for 4 months doing 26 hours lessons. pass plus done in 2 weeks
dont be such an arrogant arce! If i was to blag, i would say that 26 hours is a huge amount, coz it only took me 12, and some of my mates even less!
Tunks No1 Fan
Whilst i agree that 26 isn't an amount to boost about, i have to say comparing his situation to your own Neddy is unfair. It's not proven, but its obvious that years of experience at Joy Riding can only aide someones driving skills, all be them reckless. So please go and play in your 'Phat '89 nova', the one with authentic rustical effects down the side, and underneath, and well pretty much everywhere that you have stuck cheesy Max Power / FUK and Ripspeed stickers... By the way, incase you opt for some cheesey as fook Neons, you arent actually supposed to see the tubes, they are supposed to be hiden. Skiprats hey...