Driving Test #4 - Failed

Thats another driving test failed. The even better news is my theory test expires on the 16th and I can’t get another test.

I’m going to save doing another theory test until after my exams. Hopefully it wont take me 3 times to pass it like the first time. Bloody DSA.

I failed my driving test today... and i know what you mean when you say bluddy DSA. My examiner was a complete N*B head. He made a cheesy joke which had obviously been used on every test candidate. Struggling to come to terms with it, but lifes a b*tch!
I failed my test today, it was all absolutely perfect except for one stup-id mistake, i went into the wrong lane and got stuck in it when a 'white van' undertook me on the left... i was doing 50mph, the max speed limit for the zone. Anyway, the man thought it was worthy of a fail. Im so gutteed cos i honestly thought id passed. Like yourself my theory runs out next week, so iv gotta do that before i can do the practical again. The whole systems rediculouse anyway, how can driving around for 40 mins with some dude uv never met judge how good a driver you are??? surely theeres a better way????
Just falied my driving test (first time) one major, four minors. there was an accident on the left hand lane of the dual carriageway and no one wud let me back in to the right hand lane so when there was gap (bigger than any of the other gaps as the cars were bumper to bumper) i took it but the examiner told me i was too close to the car behind. TOSSER. sorry am well annoyed. and only 4 minors too! argh
Failed My driving test number 2! My Theory pass expires on the 22nd of this month... Had a few minors and the bloke said I went through a traffic light on amber! Well considering the fact that that was the only fault, flexibility comes into play and not an outright failure! Can he honstly say he's never run through an amber light before? It's not like I plan to make a habit out of it! So thats me back to the drawing board again after hundreds and hundreds of pounds sunk into this driving venture! There's gotta be some flexibility and leniency surely! Is there a board or body that looks at the way drivers are assessed by these examiners? Do the examiners ever bother to look at the driver's record and see how much work they've put in vis a vis the result of their driving test? Theory test certificates should also be extendable for cogent reasons! IS SOMEBODY LISTENING?!
The instructors want to keep young male drivers off the road and maintian the pass rate of about 42%. I have to say the amber light is a bit unlucky. Just keep trying and give the DVLA more money.
I would have to say it has taken me 5 times to pass my driving test so my advice to all you lot is to keep going. cause u will do it. its cost heaps but it worth it wen u done it. so keep going!!!!!
Hi, i failed on the 23/12/05 (my 19th birthday too!) because of a damn stupid thing that my examiner (who was in the car with me) said i should not have failed on... i was going down a duel carriage way on the approach to a roundabout (only a 30 mph limit btw) and there was a car parked on the left, therefore i had to move out into the righthand lane, i checked my blindspot and there were these 2 vans racing towards me (on the right) so i decided to wait til they went past (there would not have been a safe gap to have pulled out into). OK so far, so i check blindspot again, and move out, however these 2 vans (sods!!) had had to stop suddenly to avoid colliding with the car waiting at the roundabout (they were speeding), which meant that i had to slow down to get in my lane and that there wasnt as much space as i had previously thought. you cannot pull over and straddle both lanes (fail) so i manouvered myself so that the car was fully in the righthand lane, however the damn vans still hadnt moved so i was closeish to the securecor van infront. i got failed on that. I had even done a parellell park UP A HILL PERFECTLY WITH NO MINORS!! my instructor said that i should have passed coz i did everything right with the situation that was presented to me or got a minor at most! whoever said that there are no quotas is talking a load of balls, its meant to be based on your whole driving rather than one incedent. i have booked another test for soon so just gotta cross fingers and hope for the best!! sorry for the length, am at work and thouroughly bored lol! xx
That sounds very unlucky. You should only be failed if you do something dangerous and even then you should have only got a minor or two. I failed once for accumulating 3 minors on one thing making it a serious fault and therefore a fail. Sounds like you got the examiner on a bad day. Do you ever talk to the examiner whilst your driving? I found that if I was explaining my reasons for doing something it helps the examiner in seeing it from your point of view. Don't leave it till the end to argue your case as its already too late. If you make a mistake admit it, you are unlikely to repeat it again. Its the mistakes you don't admit that will worry the examiner as they wont believe you know whats right and wrong. Sounds like you can parrallel park better than me anyway. Better luck next time. Sooner or later the examiners will get fedup at the sight of you and pass you anyway.
well, at the time i didnt even see it as a mistake, i thought it was fine :( yeh, he was very talkative, an OK bloke (well i thought so at the time), a bit odd and skittish tho, my instructor said that he was rather funny (not haha, just wierd). I was just so irate when i got home, and upset :( i have a car all ready and wanna drive it now!!! i have a test booked for a couple of weeks time (i ve only told my mum and dad but not even my bf) so you are the first outside family to know. i just dont want to disappoint everyone again, i shouldnt have failed last time :( so depressed and nervous... xx
Don't worry about failing examinations like this or letting people down. They are easy enough to resit, sure its costs you more time and money but thats all. Education exams are the ones to worry about as they are more difficult to resit and the outcome of those can significantly change your life. Driving is a skill, like riding a bike, some people fall off more whilst learning. If you keep getting back on you will manage it in the end. Just learn from the experience and know that its making you a better driver than the people that passed first time, that are missing out on the extra hints and tips you get. Good luck with the next test.
thanks :) i know, ive done with exams atm (although i'm training to be a certified accountant so a few more years of exams left lol..im so stupid!! :P). I reaaly dont have that much money, i know you are now thinking that im loaded coz of my job but the pay is naff, £8000 per year working 37.5 hours per week, i also have to pay £100 in travel every month and getting a car would cost me less than that and my driving lessons and also give me tonnes more freedom! i've wanted to do this for so long and it bites that independance is so near yet so far! lol i know you probably think that i'm being a moany person and that i should get a grip and that it happens to most ppl but it would really mean one hell of a lot to me to pass. my instructor said that he (the examiner) should be kicked coz i should be driving around in my own car with a full UK driving license by now!! Rah at him!!! D-Day is on the 16/01 1 week to go!! Argh! 2nd time lucky...thanks for listening to my rambling, i cant really rant to anyone else lol xx
Training to be a certified accountant!!! You're gonna be earning huge sums of money in a few years with a job like that. I never really had the urge to go out places and 'need' a car. It's useful to have one to go to work or the supermarket but apart from that I hardly ever use it. Could be due to me not wanting to waste money on fuel or put extra wear on the car. Yeah go and kick the examiner, might release a bit of the tension you are building up. Although do it after the test, he might mark you down if you kick him before you get started. Feel free to carry on ranting, it will do you good. Telling somebody else about whats bothering you always makes you feel better.
Well i hope so lol... would be nice :) well i live about 10-15 miles away from where i work so would be v useful, also i'm a very independant person, i like to always be doing something, thats why it sucks when it p*ssing it down with rain outside and i cant go anywhere. lol is not a waste, is a good and easy way of lining the goverenments pockets lol! My car is 17 years old and drives my lil sis up to the stables every week so i dont think it can wear out much more hehe! what car do you drive? i'm hoping not to get the same examiner again, i want the lady, apparantly her name is catherine and she is lovely... may help having a female, she may understand me more lol, us girls gotta stick together and all that :P yeh, it really does, thanks :) i cant talk to anyone else lol, no one else knows :S xx
I'm also quite independant and like keeping myself busy. Rather than taking me out of the house most of the activities are computer based. Thats basically due to friends living far away and being used to entertaining myself. Nothing like a forced government tax to irritate the population. I think there should be a tax on Politicaly Correct people, then they might stop trying to change silly things. Check for a new post on the site soon, I feel like making my views known. My car is 4 years old, a bit newer than I was planning on but then I was struggling to fit in other small cars in a low insurance group. After a while you do get the same examiners, I think I went through them all at my test centre. Never had a woman examiner or instructor so can't comment on whether they are better or not. Try putting on some chillout music in the car on the test, just in the background. It might result in the examiner being in a better mood duing the test and less critical of any mistakes.
hey all , i have my test on 1st feb , and i really dont no what to expect , does any 1 have n e tips on getting that extra edge on passing the test, that would really help me out alot , thanking u in advance , craig (Y)
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Just wandered how many times you took your practical driving test? I am originally from Australia so converted my driving license straight to British. My hubby is from the US and has his driving license for 17 years (also holding an Israeli HGV license and motorcycle with 0 motoring offences in both countries all these years). He just failed his 2nd test here. The first time he had one minor fault and one serious fault (slight late cancellation of signalling after a roundabout). The second time he had 0 minor faults but at the end of the test at the 'reverse in to bay' he ended the manoeuvre with the front wheel of the Mini touching the white line but within the Bay!! Guess what the tester rewarded him with a failure again!! Is there anything else we don't know (just badly paid testers?)? Now don't get me wrong I am not against a system where we produce good drivers but this look like an overkill in both cases, correct me if I'm wrong. Is there some quota system, or what is the best time to take the test? Our town's DSA pride itself on 56% passing rate so we must be doing something wrong. His driving instructor told him people usually make 10 minor faults in average so how do they all get to pass? To begin with, our test system is flawed. I have not heard of another system where failure to park exactly in the middle of a bay can constitute an immediate failure. Most other systems like the US and Israel just deduct points. I would personally like to see the statistics of how many people died due to wonky parking. Why parking not completely straight is not a minor fault but a serious one?! I can now see why passing the driving test in the UK is the hardest place of all EU countries (quote from 'Driving' on the Times newspaper) it's not because it is a better system it's because they can fail you on trivialities even though they know you can drive perfectly good. Ok he booked another one for March. I think you can fly to Slovenia with that kind of money and pass your driving test with ease (Quote from Autocar) and than convert it to a UK one! Hate spending money on cars!!
56% is a good pass rate, in the Nottingham area its 42%, or it should be. I took 5 practical tests to pass, all down to picky examiners. I know about signalling faults, my signal cancelled whilst i was going round an island, I correctly applied the signal when changing lanes and pulling off but because I had not reapplied it whilst still in the same lane I was failed. I've picked up minors for a reverse parralel park and i rolled over a bit of lowered kerbing (ie the entrance to a driveway) this counted as mounting the pavement, another fail. At the speed I was going I wasnt a danger to anybody, because I didnt feel it mount the kerb I wasn't aware of having done so. Parking whilst touching a white line is a harsh fault, especially to class it as serious. If that was the only fault I would have made a complaint and asked for it to be reclassified as a minor. I've had 3 strikes on the same minor classed as a serious but that was nerves making my gear changes a bit iffy, something that has been corrected over time. Some tips now for Craig, if you haven't done a test before don't worry about it. Get your instructor to give you a lesson under test conditions and tell you how you did at the end. Don't go expecting to pass, it usually leads to disappointment, treat it as a normal lesson. If you do make any mistakes, don't panic. You can correct the mistakes, take your own time, dont worry about other drivers on the road having to wait, they had to go through the same experience. It's a driving test, if you fail it's no big deal. You just have to sit it again. Test time can also make a difference, if you schedule a test at rush hour you might avoid busy roads and complex intersections, the examiner doesn't want you to be stuck in a queue. Lunchtime tests expect moderate road traffic. 10-11:30am was a good time for me. Roads quite clear and less traffic signals to stop at. Make sure you have a good nights sleep before the test, and ensure you aren't going to be hungry. You want to focus on the road not your stomach. Thats all I can advise, unless anybody else wants to add something or correct me. The bad thing about passing is the car maintinance. Petrol mainly, although i need a new rear wiper. A car is a useful thing to have but it will also drain the money from your pockets. Hint: Get insured as a second driver on somebody elses car. Then get them to pay for the repairs.
seriously, dnt wory, i passed 5th tym and it feels gr8 wen you do, i know is frustratiin but jus hang in there! im jus gna go drive nw :P
ello everyone, i just had my seventh, yes seventh test the other day and i failed again! absolutely gutted by this point! to be fair this was a bad one, i was just too relaxed and not alert. But saying this, i have been extremely unkucky in the past and should have passed at least 3 of the last tests i had done. for example, the last test i failed because i took too lon doing a bay park(in what was a tight car park) and also on the 5th test i failed because, after giving way to an oncoming vehicle, it hit my wing mirror and i failed!!!!! how messed up is that?! there is no justice! my theory runs out in 2 weeks and im struggling to get a date at the mo!
Sarah Jones
Just failed my 3rd test, am fine with my instructor but a jibbering wreck on a test, tried calms, bachs rescue, hypnotherapy!!!Test should be continued assesment, dont feel like I can face a 4th but have spent so much on lessons have to :(.
Hey Quantum, just to let you know that i failed my 2nd test, same examiner too, booked new test, 3rd time lucky! xx
I failed for my 3rd time today!!! It's rubbish!! I am 17 year old male, and as soon as the examiner lays his eyes on you he thinks to himself, 'BOY RACER'!! I had 3 minors and one serious, the serious for observations at a roundabout!!! I was going left and a 4x4 was comin round going right, and as it was going slow off I went and thought nothing of it. It's not even as if i floored it to get in front, i was no where near it!! How harsh is that?? Got back to the test centre, did the bay-parking fine and really thought I had finally passed!! Then the prick makes his speach about how you've failed. I was gutted as they are all money-grabbing bastards! Got another date for 5th of Feb, Sunday morning :) so hopefully no stupid jeeps flying about.
Unlucky majikatt, I'm sure the 3rd attempt will be the one. Darrell, I know what you mean about relaxing too much. After a while you are expecting to fail and give up trying to pass. Just keep alert and don't hit anything this time. Mark, the only thing to watch out for on a Sunday test is Sunday drivers. Don't get stuck behind one on a straight road as they can fail you for not making progress.
learner driver
Hi, I know how everyone is feeling about there test's and can understand that it feels like some one has taken the carpet from under your feet when you fail. Failed my first test and have left it till i was 26 to try again because i gave up on it i watched as my friends passed there test's and i sort of lost hope. I am now going for my second test and feel as bad as i did when i took my first test when is 17 i know all i can do is try my best and that is what i will do. I have been on the dsa website and found the policy to which they follow on marking students. If you would like to look at this for yourself type (dt1) in the search bar on the dsa website. Also i have researched about this quota item and found there are qoutas in place for driving test pass rates but this does not affect you if you are up to standard. I have also found the dsa test routes for driving tests which i think helps because you can workout some method of driving for that area. I hope this helps C K
just keep going. on the day you can be lucky or whatever, some examiners do seem tighter thn others. just dont woory about it, its gutting at first, i failed 4 times. al my friends were passing around me, i felt sick. but i think if you do everything properly, you cant give them a reason to fail you!
I failed my 2nd test today! I am gutted! I failed on roundabouts, it was on this big 4 lane beast that I'd never been on. I should have been practising in the area where my test centre was but my instrcutor never took me to far from my house so the c*** could save his petrol money. I failed first time on roundabouts, and second time on roundabouts. My first examiner was a total c***, he was the deputy chief examiner and really really strict, and i had the fool the second time around aswell! Ive heard some are nicer than others, and they help you out a bit, but this one was a total fool. Im gonna have to go for my third test which is 3 weeks away! I better pass, or Im gonna clobber the examiner
I've failed on roundabouts, my indicator auto cancelled and i didn't put it back on. I did correctly signal when changing lanes and exiting the roundabout but because my indicator wasnt on all the time I failed. Good news is that I have completed my Pass Plus and am awaiting the certificate in the post. Pass Plus is a breeze in comparison to the actual test. It's worth it in the end.
I failed my first test today, absolutly gutted!! Got 3 majors and 8 minors. The majors were daft things really like, apparently i went over the speed limit which is bull coz i was constantly checking my speed! Second was for not using my mirrors appropriatly, third was for not coming into a bus lane when i should have!! apart from that i drove pretty well considering my nerves. Got my second one on March 22nd. Really hope i pass this one, it costs a fortune and i cant afford to keep doing this!!!!
Well....thats me successfully failed my driving test four times. Looking on the bright side, surely they'll run out of things to fail me on! I've had the same examiner 3 times (he was obviously hated at school). He insists in failing me for the daftest of things but then thats why the pass rate is like 29% at Glasgow Mosspark. The Major faults were failing to follow the road round when it was all the one road - apparenly this is dangerous?? Then there was the time it took me three attempts to reverse round a corner. In my defense I had to clear the junction on the first attempt. Im resitting this week so fingers crossed I dont get HIM again........
haha u lot gime bre joke.
failing for being on a white line after parking *is* a fail, but you are allowed to straighten up as much as you like, you can open the door and have a look, but as soon as you say you have completed your manouvre, it must be right! I failed my first test on the 16th Feb for stalling. Trust me it was quite a stall! I blocked the road at some traffic lights, which meant I missed the lights change again, got something like 6 minors and 2 majors off that one stall... there is always next time, I suppose (March 23rd). Good luck for everyone else.
[quote] I failed for my 3rd time today!!! It's rubbish!! I am 17 year old male, and as soon as the examiner lays his eyes on you he thinks to himself, 'BOY RACER'!! I had 3 minors and one serious, the serious for observations at a roundabout!!! I was going left and a 4x4 was comin round going right, and as it was going slow off I went and thought nothing of it. It's not even as if i floored it to get in front, i was no where near it!! How harsh is that?? Got back to the test centre, did the bay-parking fine and really thought I had finally passed!! Then the prick makes his speach about how you've failed.[quote] Amazing Mark, believe it or not mate... That is EXACTLY 100% how i failed. Im 18 myself. To be honest, Although im unsure.. The DSA i blieve have a quota of how many test candidates they are allowed to pass or have to pass within there week, Ive heard this from my instructor and my friend instructor who was an examiner. Quite lame if you ask me.
I cannot belive, just 5 days from my next test, the entire of the Uk is under snow!!!! im just not having much luck with these tests. Failed 3 times, cancelled 4 times due 2 frost, ice and dark weather, and another because my cars MOT decided to run out 2 days before my last , which resulted in me also not being allowed to participate in another enjoable test!!! I have some odd feeling that they do not want me on the roads!!! Let us all pray for sun and for me 2 pass on march 6th!!! Woooo!
Mines on 15th March but Good Luck! :D
Had my 1st test yesturday and i failed as soon as i set off i feel so stupid. i put the car into 1st instead of third wen reversing out of a car parking space on a slope outside the test centre. ok it would of been ok if i ad relaized wat was going on but i was just kept going foward and wondering why i was going foward eventually he sed he had to stop me cus i was a hazard to a lady on the pavement so i new i'd failed the 2nd i'd set off. i dont think i'll eva get over the embarassment!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
May contain nuts -Quote 'I think you can fly to Slovenia with that kind of money and pass your driving test with ease (Quote from Autocar) and than convert it to a UK one!' Any more info on this would be aprieciated. I have failed for the 3rd time now at the age of 32! with minors ( hesitation down a norrow country lane and indicating to early comming up to a round about). I have spent the best part of £3500 on lessons and test, enough is enough!. Any help and advice about taking a test in an EU country where the rules and regs arnt so strict (bent) ....Cough (backhander)?. Do you need to be a resident or anything else?. If you dont want to post here Email me@:- mxhybrid@hotmail.com Thanks Rebostar
Failed my 4th test. I dont have any faith in myself anymore in what i do. it makes me feel stupid. it seems like nothing lucky ever happens to me my cousin passed first time and he is a freshie (from bangladesh.)
Failed my 2nd practical test yesterday, did both my manouvers wrong, went up the curb twice!! cant believe it, will i ever pass????????????? 1st time i got the driving worng, made loads of mistakes but got manouvers right, this tiime i drove perfectly but got manouvers wrong!!!HELP........... Got my 3rd test on 8th April!!!GOD HELP ME!!
Hay guys gutted failed my test for the 4th time 2day. which is really crap cos most of my m8s have passed and im the only 1 that hasn't.The test woz goin ok apart from when i came to the magic roandabout. I thought i woz in the wrong lane, so carryed on goin the wrong way, but forgot 2 single left at 1 of the roundabouts.That woz the only major i got what a bumer.Yeah but ent giving up cos i no im a good driver and i will do it eventually get there. yeah its so damn expensive so got 2 pass 5th and final time. So guys if u fail it ent the end of the world just dont give up ul get there in the end.
I'm still yet to have my next practical test. Its in may, and i'm starting to wonder, is there any point?! Having failed a ridiculous amount of tests, is it any wonder I feel like this?! And to make matters worse, all my friends around me are passing with ease. Including my ex girlfriend! That just made everything so much worse. Oh well. All I can do is keep going!
just failed 4th test. got 1 major, cuz at 6ways roundabout (its huuggee 4 lane beast) came upto it in wrong position (if i stayed there i would of ended up on m5) so i quickly changed lane just before the white markers started, and cuz i didnt use right mirror he gave me a major. grrrrrr so far had 1major2minor, 1major1minor, 1major5minor and the 1 mojor ive passed 13 mock tests now but when i get in car with examiner the nearves come really bad
Random Guy
I had my first test recently and got the examiner failed me for accumulating 4 of the same minors. Says my move off control was too fast and claims there was WHEEL SPIN and TORQUE STEERING, I mean wow what a load of crap. It's absolutely gutting cause the rest went perfect. I also hit the kerb on the bay park but he never noticed!!!! Or well he never mentioned it or marked anything!!!!! LOL.
I failed my 14th test last week and now my theory has run out. Just booked my theory again for 24th of April I am not giving up
Not to rub it in atol but to offer encoragment, but finally passed after 4th tym with an incredible 7minors, the most I have ever had before in tests 1, 2 n 3 was 4. Something wrong with system there I feel! Think they were sick of the sight of me! Just to say to everyone that you must keep on trying hard n goin with your driving as we the prick examiner finally say you've passed it's the best feeling ever, and so much satisfaction comes from it, considering the £1000's of pounds spent, countless hours spent with smelly old instructors and the amount of greif caused by bein constantly told ur not good enough by some jerk in a yellow jacket! So just to wish everyone very good luck in future tests and to keep going as you will pass!!! :D Now I get to roam the streets in true Boy Racer fashion! Gd luck!
got my first test on thursday afternoon and so nervous! dont know what to expect..... anyone got any advice?
Hi all, i have my forth test tomorrow i am soooo nervous the more u take it the worse it gets ha!!! i soo hope i pass this time, i am taking it in my own car aswell! i canny beleve how hard it is to pass ure test i mean i know i can drive but its all upto this one guy who doesnt know u and doesnt know how u drive normally shocking!!! i am not a happy puppy!! hehe Goodluck to everyone who is taking theres soon!!! Emma x
Hi i eventually passed my test on the 7th attempt its the hardest thing iv ever had to do..luckilly now i can look back on my tests and laugh about it but at the time it used to get me really down as a lot of my friends had passed..Nerves got the better of me on most of the tests...i had a car crash into the back of me on one of my tests wasnt my fault as id stopped at traffic lights but the test had to be cancelled luckilly i got a free one but i then became very anxious about stoppin at traffic lights, another test i got 4 miners and then got back to the test centre to do my reverse park and it was full so i had to wait for a space and then sum c t who wasnt even on test who was practicin with his dad parked into the bay behind me so i ended up havin to go halfway across the carpark to reverse into another bay needles to say i completly lost my concentration and didnt park straight my examiner was nice about it and i could tell he wanted me to pass..other times it was too many minors, and i got a serious for not lookin in my mirrors...so when it came to the 7th time i was really nervous so i went on the internet to see if anything could help when i got a hypnotic cd to pass ur driving test (im not usually the kind of person to listen or buy these things but i would of done anyhing at the time i listened to it 3 times and even went to sleep with cd on it's suppose to get into ur subconsious mind and relax u!..well when it came to my test i had the same woman i'd had 3 times b4 she's known to be stict and hard to pass with so i thought oh fuck iv failed b4 even takin the test but then i thought fuck it just drive and if u fail u fail its not like it aint happend b4..and i couldnt believe it i was not nervous at all!! as it was a car i hadnt drove for long in my lessons b4 i always stalled it..i never stalled it on my test! when we got back to the test cente and she said i passed it was one of the best feelings iv had! and i encourage everyone not to give up coz when u hear those words u kno it's been worth it! GOODLUCK!
toby jugs
i did my test on the 28th of september 2006, this was my first time and i past with only 2 miners, and to me that was the most simplest thing that i have ever done IN MY LIFE. Good luck to the people having another shot at it, it will all pay off in the end.
I have my second test next week and already im sick of taking them. My 17 year old sister passed 1st time 2 weeks ago and my 18 year old brother last week. My best friend passed today (shes only 19). So at the age of 21 and the only one who acctually has a car, im feeling pretty crap! I know i will get there eventually, but at the moment it feels like im never going to get that bit of paper that states I am a safe enough driver to be let out on the road alone!
Hey People I Have My Test Coming Up Soon & I Been Driving For Nearly 2 Years & I Always Get Nervous. (I Don't Know Why) I Can Drive Because My Driver Instructor & The Examiners Say That I Can Drive But It Is My Confidence; This Is My 5th Test Coming Up & I Can't afford To Fail Again. I Can do This But I'm Always Worrying About What Will Go Wrong, I Failed My 1st & 2nd on Speed & Awareness But I Got Better After That & My 4th & 3th Test Because Of Stalling. I Was Worrying So Much On My Roundabouts That I Forgot About Controls Yet Again, I Hope To God That I Don't Stall Again For The 5th Time In A Roll & Worry About Doing Stupid Mistakes Because I Been Doing This For So Long & I Know I Can Do This. SomeOne Help Me!!!!!!!!!
Yeah I Fail My 3rd Driving Test 2Day At 8:40AM The Worse Time In The World Cause Of Buzy Cars Every Where I Went Cars Cars Cars. I Had 9 Minors & 2 Major Cause Some Bitch Of A Granny Ran In Front Of Me As I Was Goin 2 Turn On A Junction She Blocked It So I Had 2 Quickly Steer Right Around Her & The Bac Of The Car Hit Another Car & It Was Juz 2 Mins In The Test Now My Theroy Runs Out I'm So Confused I Want 2 Book Another Test But I Have Wasted So Much Money What Is The Point I Know I Can Drive But It's Juz The Steppin Stone U Have 2 Reach In Order 2 Reach Ur Goal. The More I Try The More I Fail Money Money Money FUCK THEM If Wanted To Drive I Would Have Done It Time Ago It's Juz That I'm Paitence i Don't Need Some One To Tell Me I Can Drive If I No That Already I Hear It Frm My Driver Instuctor 4 Christ Sake!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Resit your theory and keep trying, that's all there is to it. The more you drive the better you become. Just be relaxed about it, you make mistakes when you are stressed. Just avoid the major faults. I still make minor faults all the time, its just having a bit of luck on test day that will get you through. Schedule your test for a quieter time of day, less cars mean less stress. You will pass eventually.
I failed my test for the fourth time today. I only got four minors and one serious. It was because I waited behind a bus instead of risking our lives to overtake it...and one fool overtook my car AND the bus and apparently that was my fault? I was told I'd put their lives at risk?!?! What a load of rubbish. Fair enough, I should have pulled slightly to the right to see if it was clear to overtake, but still..i didn't agree with the examiner. I even explained why I was waiting...didn't make much difference. So gutted. I did perfect bay parking and a reverse round corner too. Argh. This is the hardest thing I've ever had to try and pass. it's crazy. I'm not giving up though...I know I can drive. grr. I think they should review the test and change it. So much of it is subjective/based on luck on the day. It's stupid!
oh yeah and i think males past with fewer attempts than females...mainly cos we think/worry more about it...
Maybe next time
I've just failed for the 2nd time and have to laugh about it. The first time i was too hasty at a roundabout, the 2nd i was too hesitant and it was the same bloody roundabout. I know it's expensive and frustrating not to pass, and to have to keep resitting it, especially when you know your are a good driver, but there has to be some sort of system for testing learner drivers. Surely it's better to resit your test a few times and know that you totally deserved to pass. We're all going to have to drive on the roads at some point, and i'd rather know i was driving alongside people who really deserved to pass than people who think they are good drivers. The thing about the test is that there are rules that you have to stick to, and if you do anything that inconviniences any other road user then you will fail, similarly, if you can not show that you have total control of your car at all times.
i've got my 2nd test on 20th dec i failed my 1st test on 21st nov i got 6 minors and the drive was brilliant turn in the road and parallel park were great really really thought i'd passed so did my instructor who sat in the back, he failed me beacuse a car was coming towards a mini roundabout on my right and i didn't stop and give way in my opinion the car wasn't that close to the roundabout no where near driving on to the roundabout, i had plently of time - well i'll try and be more carefull next time probably fail me for being hesitant!!! my friend has just failed her 6th test and i know we can both drive!!! THERE SHOULD BE ANOTHER WAY OF TESTING AND IT DOESN'T MATTER WHAT THE DSA SAY THEY DO HAVE QUOTAS THEY WANT THE PASS RATE TO STAY AT 42-43% GOOD LUCK TO EVERYONE AND WELL DONE TO THE ONES THAT HAVE PASSED
hi av just done my test nd failed cause a didnt use my mirrors enuf i'm a carer nd a need 2 go from house 2 house; i've already got my car nd am really confident in it. has ne 1 got ne advice on how i can make myself look in the mirrors cause i'm finding that is my main fault. i hope a get a test in b4 x mas cause am really tired wiv walking all the time lol. nd i think it is shit tat 42-43% pass rate.
yam yam
what is with you kids today ? I passed my test 2nd time in 1978.no one seemed to take more than 2-3 attempts then
Maybe next time
I just failed for the third time, no car for me for christmas!! Thibk i should come to terms with the fact that the bus is as good as it's going to get!! Nat, wear a ring or bracelet or something you can see when driving and everytime you notice it look in the mirror.
Dan, north east of England
Failed my practical car test on monday. Second attempt with same arse hole examiner. Whilst waiting to let traffic past I moved closer to a box junction but did not actually enter it, but because there was traffic approaching this junction the examiner slammed the breaks on thinking I was going to cut the other driver off. The last time he done that I failed so when I saw him put down a major on his too enlightened sheet I lost it totally and asked him to terminate my test if i had failed. He made me drive for another five or so minutes longer before asking me to pull over, told me that I had failed and asked me to find my own way back to the test centre on foot, some three miles away. I did not find my own way back but had to hire a taxi.
driving test hater
Hi everyone! I did my third driving test 2day(third time lucky i thought)...and failed for my 'road postioning' as i came over onto the other side of the road a bit and he told me to be 'careful'shameful.- i cant belive i did it! i've never done anything like that before! Argh im such a TWAT!- im being honest! I only got 3 minors n knew straight away i'd failed. --I spent the rest of my test talking to the examiner about cancellations for my next test! :s The worst feeling of all is the fact all my friends are passing 1st, 2nd times n i havnt passed- even my twin bro passed in oct 06 and here i am still a fu**king learner ARGHHHHHHH N.B YAM YAM, i would love to see every1 who took a test in your day re-take it today.
Maybe next time
I have just passed on my 4th attempt and it went like a dream. My examiner was the loveliest man i've ever met, he even let me stop for a few minutes to calm down. The whole test was perfect, but then nothing at all happened, i came across a couple of parked cars and that was it! Even all the roundabouts were totally clear. I know it is awful to keep on failing and thinking that ypu will never ever pass, cos thats exactly how i felt. we'll i'm off to buy my first car. GOOD LUCK TO EVERYONE WHO IS TAKING THEIR TEST, STAY CALM AND HOPE FOR THE BEST!!
Driving I
Hi all for what its worth I am an instructor, and I dont think the system is perfect by a long way. I have had the same pupil, do 2 tests one month apart and fail on 3 minors becoming a major. On things that I dont belive they ever do. but thats objective. However, the second test they failed for going to close to parked cars on the left, again ive never seen it, but the 1st test with a different examiner, that never came up once. Theres loads of other inconsistences. Its human nature . But its also human nature, when somone tells u they 'were on the line' and shouldnt have been failed. The examiner the next day will tell you they were almost a foot over. But what is true, is that if youve got any pupil that is in anyway a little weak they are always the ones that have the 'odd, serious event' happen. If they are strong drivers those 'events' never seem to happen.
I just failed my driving test for the first time. I was really nervous and failed with three minors (equalling one major) for 'undue hesitation'... I got a few other minors for missed mirror check and signalling too. I was really worried about my manouvers, but got them spot on (left hand reverse and turn in the road) but my general drive let me down... its frustrating when nerves get the better of you.
Hi, I failed again for the 5th time today. I can't take much more. I've been learning to drive since I was 21 and I'm now 26. I had a long break after my third test (about 4 years!) I've been driving almost every day for the last 18 months with my Fiance. His parents live in Snowdonia, North Wales and we live in Southampton. We drive up to see them with our daughter at least 4 times a year. I drive most of the 600 mile journey on the A roads. I've even driven up and down the mountains and round loads of tiny country roads! I've driven in almost every driving condition imaginable, and at all hours of the day and night. After 18 months driving and a few more lessons to make sure I'm up to scratch I try my test again. Even my nerves were much calmer than I used to be. Last week I was failed on observation during my turn-in-the-road. I thought was bollocks but hey I know what I saw but he didn't believe me. I had 3 minors. I was told bby the examiner I could drive and was very good!!!! Today, I was failed for not turning right at a set of filtered lights when the filter was not green and the lights took about 5 seconds to change. I had 2 minors. Told me I was an excellent and not to give up. He said he just couldn't pass me as 'hands were tied'. He seemed really nice. I've had enough and cannot take anymore abuse. I hate paying someone to tell me I'm a failure. I know I'm a good driver. Even my friend was shocked and she was there with me. And she doesn't tell me things to make me feel better. She is honest with me. Now you tell me theres no quotas.
You lot think you have had it bad, I have failed 13 driving tests now, yes thats right 13 and I only failed on my point yesterday and that was reversing around a corner down hill, the rest of my driving was perfect. I have had a run of bad luck and I am only failing by silly things every time. I have booked another test now for six weeks time. After failing a few tests I was getting sick and tired of taking them but now Im actually getting used to taking tests. It is becoming a normality for me, even the driving examiners all know me now because they have seen me so many times. I wish you all good luck and hope none of you end up like me.
hey well am siittin g ma test on thursday for the first time!!!a was ok untill a read all ur comments!!!shitting it!!!haha its shit how they fail ya on stupid mistakes!!!! ma driving in general is ok had ma last lesson last night would hav failed coz a over stepped the line a tiny wee bit so hopefully no do that on ma test!!!!haha fingers crossed!!
Hey all, I failed 5 times and passed on my 6th. Spent thousands on it, and would probably have my pilots licence by now if it hadn't been for that! (Almost there but not quite :p bet i pass first time too, not so focused on keeping people out the sky!) Anyway I never had more than two minors and always a major for something silly (except the first that was fair enough). I was always horribly nervous before them, as Sarah said above, I even tried hypnotherapy, which helped a little. Although I was still really nervous eventually it came to the 6th, and I decided that that was the last one no matter what happened, and by that time i really just didn't give a shit. Now that helped a lot, but I reckon that was the worst I drove in any of the tests but I passed. So basically just keep at it and you'll get there eventually, good luck to you all :) p.s. I reckon someone who failed with 2minors and 1 major for something silly (like me) is a better driver than someone who passes first time with 12 minors like a lot of people I know.
i failed my driving test with no miners: for apparently going too close to a wing mirror. i think its pathetic.
Some of these stories are funny and some are just mean. I though I would add mine. Today, I took my test after only around 34 hours of driving with my instructor and none with any of my parents cars because the dumb insurance won't accept me. Ohh yeah. I failed first time. Bugger. But I actually really sort of enjoyed my failure because this is how it went. I got a young examiner, he was really nice and friendly. I got through the show and tell easily. Ok, then I got into the car. I then drove for only around 5 minutes when I got to a crossroad on a hill. The road was clear, gues what...I staled Dang! Then I went the usual handbreak, neutural and started again, I then tried to take off and bamb...I stalled again. OK, third time lucky? No, I stalled again. My exitement and joyfullness quickly turned into a frown. I knew I failed but I just though 'I'm gonna use my £45 credit!' (the fee). So When it came to my first manuver, the turn in the road, I thought I aced it but, apparently I didn't 'observe' to the left enough. Then I drove further parked a few times (while hitting the curves obviously). So then drove for a bit more and WOW, I had to do the parralel parking. So I did the manuver as usual. I noticed I wasn't going to get close enough to the curve and so i tried it again. Guess what, this time I hit the curve. Ohh, how fantastic! Then I got up this junction hill again, but this stupid huge garbage truck was blocking my left view and one of the garbage men had to guide me accross. Then, because I knew I had failed ages ago, I continued driving normally (acctually I wsn't as tense as when I started). I then got onto one of the local dual carriage ways, driving 60 mph (the leagal limit) then we came into a 40 mph zone and I had to turn left to another carriage way that I had been on hundreds of times before, yet I didn't quite recognise it, so I thought keep it safe and drive 30 mph. While driving on there for 3 min, I noticed there were sudenly around 15 cars, slowly ridding behind me. I just didn't care even though I did realise the road after a while, because I wanted to enjoy my ride through the country road. Ohh, and guess what, there was soimething the excaminer never noticed, 60% of the time I was actually driving with the hand break on. Yet got no points. So we got to the test centre. Surprise, Surprise...I failed. I thought it was quite funny though in a way though, because 5 min in, I knew I had failed yet I still enjoyed my £45 credit.
I have taken my 3rd test today, and FAILED of course at a set of traffic lights there was a junction and i went just into the junction if not passed the kerb about 3% of the front of the car was over the junction, i looked down on his glory sheet of paper he he marked it as a dangours fallt (but 95% of the junction was fully clear) my instructor saw it as well but was unbale to comment during test. Once test was over he says ' soory but you have failed the driving test' i said to him i guss why because i covered the junction about 3% and u maked is a dangours fault and me and you know its not a dangours fault he said well thats your desion, my instructor leaded over the seat at this point took the clip board off him opened the door and the wallets inside set fire to it and thew it into the builders skip that was on the driving centres site at the time hahaha, it was WELL worth watching and you had to see the look on his face. late he said was waiting to do that to an examinor for years, but it dont stop there it was the same examiner that failed me the last time for missing 1 indaction in the hole test everything eles was picture clear, which i knew i didnt because he said exacley were it was and i knew dam well i didnt. As You all guys no there is no point it appealing becasue it will always end up in the nearest filing cabbent (the bin) a Formal letter is going to be written and sent strait to the dsa head office about my test today with a covering letter from me, my instructor , as well as 5 of my work pals that were about meaters away from that junction, but heres the good thing 1 of them was filming it on his mobile and it shows clearly me, examinor instructor and the junction in question :D:D hahaha, But i aint jumping in joy yet because i know 100% this wont even be looked at but it is well worth a try, i no the test is not hudgely expensive but still they av depridped me of £115 i sud have passed the 1st time , 2nd time and the 3rd as well, so technicaly you can look at it as theft. I have thort about taking it to court but is it worth it taking a goverment department to court ??? i dont think so They no you need the licence and you will keep paying the money as long as it takes you to get the peice of paper which says ' I CAN PASS THE TEST ' sorry about the long message i was bord and thort i would tell you my life story about these day light robbery thefts right under your nose and guss what there is nothing you can do about
Hi, I failed my test for the first time on Tuesday. The examiner was really quite rude to me at the end and she's really knocked my confidence. She failed me for driving too slowly (plodding along, she described it as), even though I was doing the speed limit throughout the test, apart from once when I was driving at 25mph in 3rd gear in a built-up area (what a crime!). She also failed me for taking too long to move off after she asked me to stop on the left and then for being too far over to the left when turning right on a roundabout (which I totally agree with and I deserved to fail for that). I've booked my next one so fingers crossed I will pass. I hope I don't get her again, she was rude and nasty and I could tell she had nothing but contempt for me.
hi i failed today really gutted cos i did my bay park 1st and i fought id dun it wrng so frm tehr on i didnt give it the same attention as i wuld of anyway got to a raod wher cars were parked on either side but the road was wide so enough room for both sets of direction of cars to pass so i wnt through doin the speed limit and at the end i hadnt failed on bay park id failed on goin to close to othere vehicles which i no i didnt hit any or cum close to just new the width of my car wats the crime in tht he said if id drop the speed it be ok but wat the difference ya stil the same gap frm the car
Had my fourth test today, AND FAILED AGAIN by the same guy that failed me the first time!!! I made two major mistakes..and the first one was a three way stop (which I have never seen), and he told me to go straight through..and there was a worn out left turn arrow on the street..that looked like it could have been going straight or turning left)...so i hesitated..and i just went straight..and when i failed he said..'YOU had to tell me that i wasn't allowed to go straight (even though there was a through street)' and no other lane beside me..and the other mistake was a lane going right..construction was being done in that area..and the freaking turn signs imprinted on the roads were so unclear!! so i went straight again (cuz there was a through street allowed)..i don't know if I'm making any sense..but I SERIOUSLY hate being upset about failing a road test each time.....UGH!!!
Hi everyone, it's been a comfort reading your stories. Today I failed for the 4th time (3 minors, one major for lack of 'control' during the easiest manoeuvre, the three point turn) and I'm losing the will to carry on now. I can drive absolutely fine with my instructor and practicing with my Dad but when I get in the car with the examiner I just go to pieces with nerves. It makes me wonder how ANYONE passes the test when it's just so easy for decent drivers to fail. Well, hopefully better luck next time and good luck to those of you who are sitting it again soon.
I failed my second test today, I feel soooooo rubbish! I keep stalling while doing manoeuvres (todays was the turn in the road and parallel parking), I usually do them perfectly, its just the pressure and nerves! I didn't agree with a couple of faults my examiner pointed out, and thought he was a bit harsh, but he did say when it was over that 'you can do it', and 'don't give up', so I didn't feel like a complete hopeless case. I agree that it's a comfort to read everyone elses stories, we are all in the same situation and we will get there in the end! Though I have a feeling its going to take a few more attempts to pass because of my jelly legs! Is there a cure?!
Ive got my 5th test tomorrow, im so nervous. Iv just turned 19 (most of my friends past before id even started cause my birthday is in august!) and took four tests between the age of 17-18 then quit untill this summer as i was at uni. During these four tests i failed mainly because of hesitation or observation. I get so nervous :(. On one test i remembered i failed cause i was waiting to pull into a road, and someone was pulling out of it onto the road i was on. And because i was waiting for them i got a major cause it was my right of way (fair enough....but its not like it would have killed anyone) I also failed on roundabouts cause i wait until its totally clear rather than flooring it to get clear. I was so determined to pass i took a test when i had grumbling appenditus and another one after id lost someone to a car crash a week before hand. But 5 time lucky...fingers cross! Something i found interesting is that my instructor said he had to teach a few people again who had lost their lisences due to speeding and other things, so i asked if these were people who had passed first time, and he said practically all of them had past full time...! The test is more about how confident you are at being marked than actual skill, as people drive differently if they arent under pressure.
Hello everyone Recently my boyfriend failed his driving test. He was very upset about it as he has had a rough couple of months this just added to the trouble. I just did not know what to say to him because I have not started driving yet and never really been bothered by failure so do not know what it feels like. Anyone got any advice? What did people say to you that comforted and supported you when you failed? please someone help xxx
Hi Has anyone here ever taken der test at High Wycombe test centre? If sooo wat r da examiners like?
Is there a limit on the number of times you can take the driving test?
i failed 2nd time yesterday worst bit is i messed up at end in test centre i was asked to do bay park and i totally messed it up and hit the bush behind me lol he said u wld of passed as u only had 8 minors but cause of this i have to fail u talk bout gutted not stopped kicking myself yet but booked in again 3rd time lucky hey
Hey im back again. I finally past! 5th time i think it was..with 5 minors :) I was so nervous but i really recommend those herbal calming drops, they really helped me. Good luck to everyone else taking their tests.
hey guys! ive failed my driving test four times and im totally thinking about giving up it really upsets me because lately all my friends are passing and it makes me feel like i cant do it im only failing on stupid things any one got any recommendations how i can fluke it like by taking something for nerves i normally drink red bull but dont think it does anything let me no post a message back! hopefully i will do it though:( i hope so one day :'( xx
I failed my first test today. Was just 2 minutes from the test centre. and approximately 30 metres from the roundabout when he requested that I turned right. It was a 2 lane carriageway and cars were bumper to bumper. On approaching the roundabout the instructor informed me that there was too much traffic and to continue straight ahead. Which I did safely. On arriving back, completed my bay park no problem. Then he proceeded to state that I've failed. If I don't get another test within 3 weeks then I will have to say goodbye to my 36k new area management role. 50/50 for theory test and 94% in hazard perception, only 5 minors, but this means nothing if you commit an infringement that is neither 'serious' or 'dangerous' The whole system is a farce.
I understand the frustration, after 3 tests I just approached the next ones never expecting to pass. Eventually it will happen. I have to say that it is nearly impossible to drive as perfectly as is required to pass a driving test in day to day life. I've lost count of the time I've ended up blocking traffic behind me whilst trying to get into another lane. It's just part of driving, if you are doing it safely then a minor infringement never matters. I think I am almost 2 years on from passing my test and in that time I've driven 40-50k miles. That's alot more driving than most people will do in that time. I've driven all over the country and in the major cities and nothing is as stressful as the driving as you will do on your test, with the possible exception of central London. When taking your test just try to relax, put the radio on (not too loud though). If you know the sort of routes you are likely to have on your test, make sure you drive them with your instructor so you know which lane you need to be in at major junctions. Lee - Good luck with the next test, I hope it enables you to get the job. I'm sure there are a lot of other people, me included, that would like that kind of salary.
Well....I have failed my test for the fourth time yesterday, and my theory runs out on the 02112007. Tried to book another test or get a cancellation, but was told that I had to wait 10 working days which means my theory runs out...Soooo...I will have to do my theory again before my test.......pissed off!!! Fair enough I might of been doing 40mph in a 30mph but I genuinally thought it was a 40mph. (used to be..but have changed it)other than that I would of woooped it. What a skank...How much money does the DVLA want from us...I think that the examiner should liase with your instructor after you have failed, so they can show the examiner just how much hard work you have put in within the X amount of years you have been learning. At the end of the day, your instructor isnt going to put you in for your test if they dont think you are competant enough are they!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Message for DVLA: PLEASE CHANGE THIS 10 DAY RULE TOMORROW SO I CAN BOOK A TEST BEFORE MY THEORY RUNS OUT. PLEASE.
MESSAGE FOR CHANELLE: Go to hypnotherapy.......it really does work. Because you have faild so many times you are sending negative signals to your brain, you need to get those negative signals unlocked, and I bet you pass next time round. Had it done and it worked wonders. Good luck!
I have failed my driving test four times now. The last one was Monday. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh!!! why is the DVLA doing this to me!!!!!!!!!! if I wasnt competant enough my instructor wouldnt put me in for my test would they. Now I have to do my theory test again because it runs out before the 10 day gap. Not only am I failing (on stupid things by the way) e.g taking my foot off the clutch too quickly doooh..what!!! I am being robbed at the same time booking retests and theory's, surely there is a law against it!!.....how much money do they want out of me!! So...its too close to christmas now, cant afford to resit my theory and test, and book a double lesson!! until next year, when I will have to do it all over again.....from scratch! aaaaaaaaaaaaargh!!
i don't know if i'm writing in the right bit but i have my test in a few weeks time and i'm taking it at Sevenoaks, i've heard this place is very hard to pass at...do you know anything about it?
I failed my 1st driving test on the 16th October 07. Got 2 serious and 7 minors, serious- a taxi let me go from the side of the road and a pedestrian stepped in the road I slowed down but examiner said I should have stopped. Next test is in Nov, so I am nervous. Examiner said that my driving is ok just need to work on hazards. I will keep going not giving up.
I failed my test for the fourth time yesterday!!!! Grrr! I'm so pi**sed off coz my examiner seriously contradicted himself. My examiner warned me that the examiner was very finicky about clearance so thought i had been careful but when i got back to the test centre, he told me i had failed as i was too close to parked cars and accumilated 3 points so failed for that, but then he mentioned me stopping behind a parked van, which was a large transit he asked me why i stopped, Why? because there was one of those big paper recycling wagons coming the other way and the road was quite nerrow in my opinion there was no way i could have got through safely, so he failed me for that too. On the test before, oh yeah just wait til you hear this one, my examiner asked me to pull in just before we got back to the test centre and then drive on, so when i secured the car i had a peek at the sheet and could see the column with the menouvers on and i had 2 minors and nothing else, then when we got back to the test centre he told me to turn left into the car park, which i did then he said he'd told me to go into a parking bay , which he never so i had to reverse (by this time my nerves were shredded and i mounted the pavement, which shouldn't have made any difference to my test, so i eventually parked and he said he needed to finish the sheet, but then raised his leg so i couldn't see what he was doing (my instructor noticed him doing this too) and then he told me i had failed on my reverse park for mounting the kerb, which i so didn't do. I had taken rescue remedy and was too spaced out to argue with him but told my instructor what i thought he'd done and he said that he was trying to see what he was doing on the sheet when he hid it from me. I'm nearly 36 so hardly in the catagory of young drivers. They make me so mad!!!!
Well second time round and I'm pleased to say that this time it was a pass with 3 minors. Absolutely shattered now after 40 minutes of hell. Really pleased though because I can now get on and start my new job. I still maintain that there is an element of luck in whether you pass or fail, but the statistics suggest that you pass eventually. Good luck everyone. Think I found the only DSA centre with a coffee machine in to....Sale, Manchester :-)
Bob Doke
I'm taking my 2nd test tomorrow. Failed on 1st with 3 minors and 3 majors. Majors for reverse round corner- both left wheels on pavement. Width Restriction- Clipped the drivers mirror in. Motorway- Changed lanes too early. Very scared and nervious about tomorrow. More nervous than 1st time. Really worried, just need to pass now. Im, not really a happy person, never have been. Passing would give me a glimmer of happiness that I have not had for a long time. Just hope that there are no cars on the road. Lol. Good luck to anyone who is taking there test. And sorry for anyone who has failed recently. My blessings to everyone.
Bob Doke
Hi. I had my second test today. And second time was a pass. Although I passed still not pleased. Not sure what thats about. I'm sure I will find out. I got 9 minors. Thankfully. Good Luck to everyone who has a test coming or is learning at the moment. You will pass eventually. Just have a little faith. I always will!
FAILED AGAIN! the thrid time i failedd! im so pissed off , cannot belive it first test fair enough i wernt good enough, second test 5 minors one serious for going to early at a roundabout:S and today i failed for 'clipping the curb' even tho it was a DRAIN:| not a curb thick examiners hey!. I so annoyed at the DSA, i suppose ill rebook and see wat happens. my examiner could not belive i failed yet the nerves get me nethink i can take for nerves? or sumin tht will jus wake me up? lol.Im so gutted and angry at the DSA and i tottaly believe tht quota thin. would be ahppy to read replies thanks .feels good to let off some steam:)
hi all. i took my third test today and failed, i find it to be ridiculous how high the standards of a driving test actually are! i failed for signaling when moving off from a b road (from which he asked me to pull over on!) basically i did the whole POM procedure and then put my right signal on to let other drivers now of my intentions, so anyway a couple of cars passed me and then one guy flashes his lights at me so i move off, later at the test centre he said the signal was unnecessary and that it made a driver slow down for me resulting in a queue of traffic. how does this class as a serious fault as it wasn't my fault the driver behind decided to be polite and do this? another mistake i supposedly made was in the 'appropriate speed' category, he said that i was doing 30mph in a 60mph zone LMAO! the truth of it was that i had just been driving on a 30mph zone, and as soon as i hit the national speed limit for a dual carriageway i put my foot down and got up to the speed limit. i think the UK driving system is flawed and that if you were to retest the whole nation less than 15% would pass. the standards they expect you to drive at are beyond the ones expected from the likes of a formula one driver! nobody one the roads in the UK drives at that standard after passing the test. there also something odd about these examiners it's like they have this sadistic side in them and want to see you fail and will do anything to come up with a lame excuse to make you fail! i know i'm going to pass and don't feel im being nervous, i felt it was all going well until he put on that cheesy DSA trademark grin of theirs. is there a kind examiner out there in the UK?
I had my first test yesterday and failed within 5 minutes! What happened was there was another girl just about to start her test when I had to do a bay park - and the examiner said to reverse around her car. Eek!!! I completely messed up. And messed up again when I tried to remedy it! It wasn't in the lines. Yet I still managed a lovely drive for 35 minutes with 1, yes 1, minor....grrrr!!!! I just hate bay parking. Any tips?
I just failed my 2nd test today!! im just so shocked! my first fail i was so close i had 4 minors and 1 serious... and bascially there was a road that looks like if the instructor told u to follow the road ahead you would go straight but in fact to follow the road ahead you had to go around the corner and to go straight you had to signal!! the examiner said that if there was no car behind me that he would have given my a minor but becasue there was he had to give me a serious!! The examiner was soooo positive after the test and was like your a very good driver and all you did was make a stupied mistake! and you dont need any more lessons and just need to book a test asap! and my instructor was shocked because that examiner is apparently a read hard ar$e! 2nd time round!! i think the rain threw me of and i made a few mistakes.. but it ended up being 16 minors and 2 serious!! i recall about 4 minors.. but seriously i think he made the rest up!!.. and he would tell me after the test wat they all were..!! i feel that the examiner was having a bad day.. and during my test he was just starring out of the window the whole time.. so i dont understand wat happend. .. i have booked again 2 weeks time!! hopefully its 3rd time lucky!! It feels good to let everything out.. i havent told anyone about my test besides my parents!
I failed 6 times and finally passed on my seventh attemot. I am so happy to have passed, got so nervous about tests, I kept failing.....please don't ever give up, you will get there in the end!
ive failed my test 4 times but no one knows except my mum. got my 5th test in 2 DAYS!!! on my 4th test i truly thought i had passed but he failed me coz he said i didnt look over my right shoulder when turning in the road, but i can remeber looking, was too gutted to ask him questions about it. any advice?? i sooo wish i would pass, it would help my parents sooo much and i hate dissappointing them!
I will be doing my test first time in my own Box van lol. I thought I would take to size and weight to the max lol. I didn`t buy a box van for that resion really I got it cheap Its a N Reg Mercedes 310D. I am happy with it even though its big and insurance was cheaper than it was for a 1.2 Corsa lol. I am 17 years old by the way and my Test is on the 31st of this month (last day of the year) at 3pm.
ive just passed today at 08:20 wih only 5 minors!!!!! soooo excited. dont give up, keep faith
Ugh, first ever time today, fail. >.< Apprently i used the right hand lane too much, got three minors on it which transferred to a serious, how bollocks can you get, no other faults on the drive!
Samantha Louise
I Have Got My First Driving Test Tomorrow . I am Sooo Nervous. Has Anyone Taken A Test In Reading Before? Write Back xxx
ive just failed my 4th test today first car wouldnt start so lost right to take test so got a cancellation about 1hr 30 mins after i should of took it had to pay again then he failed me on being on the line but 1 inch over the white line with tyre so annoyed wrote email to customer services waiting to hear back
i failed as it was raining so so bad and had never had a lesson in the rain. i was meant to do a turn in the road and a reverse around a corner and ended up screwing it up as side mirrors covered in rrain. After that i cried and lost all confidence which resorted in three more serious faults that i would not have done.
Ive failed 4 times and taking my 5th one on Sunday.. what a load of bullocks! The first time I failed, I was going at 35mph which is my fault because i tend to drive fast so i wasnt bothered. then my second a random man jumped out in from of the car on a zebra crossing, and i was going to do emergency stop the examiner DID IT FOR ME! wtf! the 3rd was in SOUTHALL the most stupid test route. They gave me 13 minors and a major for switching lanes when i didnt have to.. but i have to admit, the guy was real friendly. My other tests were in ISLEWORTH and the most ive gotten is 6 minors! i failed my 4th time because he said i swung out on the roundabout when i found myself being to close to the island so i widened the gap and he had to be all dramatic and jump out of his seat.. my instructor was more frustrated than i was and thats how i know our system is flawed. I have a beautiful car waiting to be driven and i cant wait to show those isleworth twats how moany they are! even tho the examiners in isleworth are crap, i know the area very well and trust me it helps! southall was fucked up even tho the examiner was nice as hell. My advice: Do it in an area you know, that way you feel more comfortable and are aware of all potential hazards Nag your instructor to take you over ALL the test routes. Ive changed instructors twice, my first one jus wanted me to get the test over and done with, my second really wants me to pass. She even told me when one of her students wanted to cancel a test so i could take her slot. I told her i would have the money until 3 days after and she was totally cool with it. If the instructor tries to start conversation, give him one word answers and forget him! Do not look at his reactions or his clipboard! And remember, because you fail, it doesnt mean your a bad driver, it jus means you havent passed to their standards. Driving in a tests is way different to driving in real life. i drive my car everywhere and people always say why havent u passed yet. At the end of your test, ask him to explain EVERY SINGLE MINOR. I should have done this in my previous tests, sometimes they cant even remember why they gave it! so ask! And finally, try to keep the tests to yourself.. people think ive failed twice.. if i told them i failed 4 id get loadsa crap and would get more nervous. Not telling gives you no comments or reactions. Your mentally is very important! As soon as i failed my 4th time i went to my instructor 'nevermind ill jus do it again' and she wanted to flip out on the examiner. i hope you guys all pass! dont be embaressed about the amount of times youve failed...everyone knows some examiners can just be too eager to fail you! Good luck =)
I took my second test on Friday and i had 5 minors, i pulled in at the end thinking 'ive done it ive done it' and the examiner turned round and said i'd failed because i went too fast around a bend. I asked him which bend it was and he said 'oh, one of the country lanes i cant really remember but it doesn't matter anyway', it made me so angry!! I am 110% sure i changed down a gear on every single country bend because that was the main thing i needed to focus on and the idiot couldn't even tell me where it was!!! This makes me think surely there is a quota as my boyfriend both clipped the curb AND moved off without checking twice and still passed first time, whereas i can't get away with things that didnt even exist!!!
I failed mine for the third time this Wednesday, feeling quite upset as I am studying for a SW degree and its possible that I won't get a job no matter how well I would do with my studies as most employers ask for a driving licence. This time failed for wrong speed, for doing 45 mph in a 30 road and then 40 on a dual carriage way. A bus was in front of me and I though if I overtook the examiner would think that I was trying to race. The right line was busy with traffic. Well hope next time would be better.
Anon... again!
I wrote an entry on Jan the 14th and the day of my test the examiner CANCELLED! he was the same one who failed me before! He said he was ill and slammed the door in my face! i was so angry that i wrote a letter of complaint to the DSA and 2 weeks later they booked me in again on a saturday and it was WITH THE SAME EXAMINER. he apologised bla bla bla wasnt bothered i hated him already. Then at the end of my test i passed...too right you would! i think he was sick of seeing my face... but he was a right twat on the day. But after a long journey of fails I finally passed, my instructor insists it's just bad luck because she knows I can drive well already. It was a great day and I'm finding excuses to take my ride out for a spin all the time! So anyone out there who has failed a number of times just forget the nerves, and do it! Theres no way i drive the same way i did during the test! its a load of bullocks! It's important to choose the correct time for your test too! between 10-12 is the best and if its a weekend anytime! good luck to everyone!
Hi all, just failed mine the second time today, i am really dissapointed. I had two minors and two serious. one of the serious was during reverse parking, I was looking at all my blind spots but the examiner said i wasn't. I was using my own car too, rover 600, may be that is the negative factor, i don't know. the other serious is at at a stop sign on a hill. I stopped as you have to stop at a stop sign and as there were cars parked on both sides, the view of the traffic was very limited so there was no way of seeing unless you do a hill start, find the clutch biting point then inch forward just a few centimeters to see. the examiner took this as failing to stop at the stop sign even though i had initially stopped. anyway there is nothing i can do now to change that, i have failed it, spent almost £100 already not to mention fuel costs and the time wasted. a friend of mine is advising me to get a driving instructor next time to teach me how to pass the test, i don't know if that will help, don't want to fail again after paying for instruction plus dsa test fee, as i can drive well. well it wasn't my lucky day today. i will book for another test after the so called 10 days waiting period that they have put. i wish all the people taking their tests the best of luck.
Hey, I got my first test the 14th of feb, I just hope I pass as I really need a car now for work etc.. I have got my full motorcycle licence and have had it for about a year and half, I passed my bike test first time, Just hope I can with the car :)
Hey guys, failed my test for the 4th time today, feel terrible as i made a mess of my reverse into a side road, and i said to examiner that i would have to try again, but she said no, so i moved forward and corrected it, seemed fine, but she failed me anyway, then she asked me to do a three point turn in the narrowest road ever and had to do five manoevers to get out, but hit curb on reverse so fail again, could it have gone any worse...Feel so bad as my hubbie sooo wants me to pass..Oh well!!Guess i need to try again hey...Good reading some of your messages though as i know that their are people just like me feeling exactly like i do...
Ive got my first test at blyth on Monday....Ive had 20 hours or so of tuition from an instructor, and have been driving for 6 years, so I hope I can pass this thing. But im not atall confident after some of the horror stories I have read! It just seems like a thing of luck, not how well you drive?
whoever is having their tests, just make sure you drive very well. Drive the examiner as though he is a royal :-) but at the same time don't go too slow or you may be penalised for hesitation. Don't exceed the speed limits of the given road. the most tricky thing is the blind spot thing. please make sure the examiner sees you veiwing your blind spots, this is particurlarly important during the reverse parking, turn in the road and reverse around a corner maneuvres. this is what failed me the examiner said i did not view the blind spots properly. also make sure that you come to a complete stop at a stop sign .i.e put the car into neautral and apply the handbrake. Best of luck. I am planning to book for a another test, we should never give up in life.
i wish i could turn my head 360 degrees to beat this blind spot thing cause you may be viewing your blind spots 100 % properly and an examiner who is not even looking at you at the time will say that you did not check the blind spots. i wish i get an examiner who likes me next time. i am still driving with L plates while my girlfriend, who passed first time using an insructor's car, has had several accidents since she passed, I have not had a single accident yet, so i kind of question the accuracy and credibility of the practical test.
are examiners allowed to take you on a test route that is from another test centre in the same city? Failed today!!!
I failed my driving test yesterday, i had 4 minors and 1 serious, the serious happened on my turn in the road i stalled twice, no cars around me nobody on the pavement, i wasnt causing a problem or a hazard but the t*sser still failed me. The thing that pissed me off was that i had just done a perfect parrell park uphill with cars and people around. Proper pissed off... when i tried to put my point across he wasnt interested and said that they donot expect you to stall on the turn in the road, i was like wtf im already nervous about the test and he was not helping, i told my instructor after the test and he said that he was out of order and that i should have passed. My theory runs out the 8th March so i will have to resit that again.
Failed third test, today i swear i could scream my first test i had 13 minors 2 majors, i went over the line and rolled down a hill a nearly hit a car i know really bad. Second time 14 minors 2 majors, i didnt give way to on comming trafic and i nearly caused a little collision :P Third test: which i prayed would be my last, i got 6 minors and the 1 major was when i was pulling back into the centre to finish the test i scraped the gate how fucking vile!!!!!!!! i cnt believe it so im kinda pissed not kinda im pissed!!!!!!!!!
Just passed, do not give up everyone, you will pass.
i failed my driving test a few days ago. i got a major on awareness and planning because i didnt drive round a bus because to be honest i didnt think i had a big enough cap in the traffic on the other side of the road. fair enough i was holding up some the cars behind me but i wasnt going to cause an accident. i really don't think i deserved to fail.
Failed my test last friday for the third time, examiner said that i did'nt look over my shoulder when i did my turn in the road......i did my observations.....there was no traffic, at all.....i thought i did it really well. Also she said i was drivin too slow on a road that was the national speed limit.....again, no traffic! I thought i drove really well.....so pissed off......feel like i'm never gonna pass....feel like givin up!!!
Today I failed for the 3rd time and I don't feel too bad. Its nice to read on here that other people feel upset and angry too. When you're being driven home after a fail you feel like the smallest person on the planet! First 2 times I was suprisingly calm (though on second time I failed for the same reason as 1st - hit the kerb on reverse round corner). This time I was seriously scared as I got it into my head that I'd do the same thing again with my reverse. My fail this time is almost comical. I was turning into a really tight minor road and whacked the kerb as I turned (instructors clipboard went flying up in the air...gulp!). I knew from then I'd screwed it and this was 20 mins in, but what can you do? You just keep on driving. Ironically, my reverse was perfect as I was so resigned to the fact my nerves had completelly chilled out. I've booked in for number 4 as although its humiliating and makes you feel like crap - you have to just bite your lip and do it again. This 3rd time has taught me that nerves do play a major factor. It was totally my fault for hitting the kerb, but the difference in my reversing because I was CALM taught me a valuable lesson. Just chill out! Your life doesn't depend on passing the first/second etc time (though it'd be nice!). You can retake for a reason - its damn hard to pass! Here's to number 4...hopefully my last :)
Just failed my test for the 5th time today, cried about it all day. The first three tests I failed on reverse parking (the first time I think I gave the examiner whiplash I bounced the kerb so hard!) I ahve had the same women examiner 1st and 3rd time not a very pleasent women, think she starts being talkative after she decides she is going to fail you, 4th and 5th exam I had the same guy, who was very pleasent on 4th exam but I had failed to notice a old and barley legible stop sign and just treated it as a give way, was so sure I had passed very disappointed when the 'well I am sorry to tell you' line came out, but today he made me feel very uncomfortable he seemed to be in a rather unpleasent mood and this showed, right on to duel carraigeways and parallel parking up a hill reversing round a wobbly corner, then failed me for apparently drifting into the next lane on a roundabout! oh well better luck 6th time, I will not be giving up, so if I can do it anyone can, don't give up!
i had my test 2day my 4th one n u know what I FAILED only had 4 minors n he gave me serious one for turning right at the roundabout a stupid peogeot beeped his horn he must of been doing like 40miles per hour which he shudnt of he failed me on that the funny thing was that the examiner told me im a good driver at the end of the test but i failed because of that stupid roundabout and stupid peogeot in my way im soo gutted because my theory is due to expire on the 9th march and i cant book another yet as its meant to be after 10days so i have to do my theory again...... iv booked my theory again which is on the 20th march iv got alot of revision to do as there are 50 questions now and u have to get 43 right! im so gutted
Hello... i failed FORTH time today and I am so upset, no words to describe it!!!!! It is always either undue hesitation, or 'you shouldn't have gone, you made the car behind slow down', each examiner has his own way of seeing it, and I am stuck in the middle, it is soooo a matter of luck. I do not think I will ever pass my test coz the standards of judging whether to pass you or not are so bloody subjective, I wanna scream!!! I read some of the stories above and it is unbelievable the stuff that happen to some people. Apparently the DSA are going on strike soon due to job cuts (they are public sector), so expect the examiners to get on our nerves even more. My instructor said they may even fail people just to re-inforce their point to the government. Idiots. ANYWAY, I've spent more than £2,000 on lessons and tests the past year (Warning: do not go with BSM, they are c**p, all they care is getting as much dosh off you as poss). So I am seriously considering to GIVE UP, yep, that's it, I give up the idea of being a driver and having my own car, I will just have to tolerate the smelly people on the bus and the bare backsides sometimes lady co-passengers allow to appear.to hell with it. But if I have to rush someone to the hospital - who *suprise-surprise* has a car parked outside - I will know how to drive, coz I am a damn good driver. My instructor says so, and all the flippin examiners (after failing me of course, in true DSA style). good luck to the rest of yous
Good Luck with your theory test anj. I havent booked my test agin yet bcos im low on money at the moment but cant wait to do it again. lol
Ah, so good to hear other people's tales of woe. Am totally totally gutted after failing third time. It's all nerves. My instructor is despairing as he just can't understand how I can do perfect drives every lesson and just lose it on the test. To be fair my instructor was furious on my first test. I had an examiner who spent the first part of the lesson telling me I made the car smell 'delicious' which was a bit distracting! Then he asked me to pull over right on someone's drive so I asked was he sure as it was a driveway; he said yes, go ahead. Then I brushed the kerb. That was it. brushed the kerb and I failed. 6 minors and that was my serious fault. ARGH. Second time another learner came up on the wrong side of the road to me on a hill junction - so I was watching him and hesitated ... and rolled back. Today I was a total wreck and just could NOT do my reverse round a corner. There was loads of traffic and pedestrians and apparently I stopped unnecessarily for cars - but then I also clipped the kerb on the way in. ARRRGH. I really want to just give up now. It's costing a bomb and I'm losing all my confidence. Have booked in test 4 but am MORTIFIED it's got to this stage :((
Ahh.............isnt driving frustrating?......... I just failed my test today. One major and 9 minors. It was my first test but I started learning to drive 3 and a half years ago. Just re-booked it for one months time, hope I pass!
Hi guys, I have my test booked at guildford 02/04/08 at 08.10 everyone keeps saying this is a really bad time to have test as rush hour Is this true?
Hi everyone I have booked my test for the 30th of April at 9.07, I hope im lucky this time cos everyone is passing except me. lol. Nki i think its kindda risky at 8.10am but so is my time, if your good on the day thats what matters not the time really. Good luck anyway
Hi all Just got through my third test - very relieved as I am now self employed, which has put intense pressure on me to pass. I've been watching this forum for months now, and it's been a huge help during the 'dark' times. (And the stories are quite funny in places). I know how easy it is to want to give up, and it must get worse when you're on the 5th, 6th, 7th attempt, etc. It's not really an option to give up though, is it? Easy for me to say this, and hard though it sounds, you HAVE to keep going, and yes it really is well worth it in the end, (otherwise we wouldn't be doing it, would we)? Boy racers aside, best of luck to everyone here, and stay calm :-)
Hi, those who feel like giving up, please do not give up. You will pass if you keep on trying. On my third test I thought I had failed and as if on auto-pilot, at the end of the test, i was prepared for the words 'I am sorry you have not been successful this time' and this is because after failing my first and second tests i was now used to hearing these words. To my surprise the examiner told me i had passed. Earlier on i had thought of giving up driving altogether but i just decided to go for this test. If i had given up then i would not have had the chance to pass. This why you should not give up. Be strong and keep going, you will pass. Good luck to all who are due to have their tests, remember be calm on the day of the test.
After reading all the opinions and different experiences regarding the great experience of driving test I want to say that I've driving for over 10 years. Two years ago I came to the UK and spent 12 months driving with an international licence, as the law allows you. After this period you must take the UK test. Before coming to the UK I spent a year in NZ driving most of the time as well. Short story I failed twice, I can not believe it. Some people said that may be due to my bad habits, but it's not. I took driving lessons to ensure that I will cover the points and as any test, learn the method. Last time the reasons given were; Not stopping the manoeuvre of parallel parking while a car was approaching. Turning too hard at the moment of taking a corner. Result 2 majors /5 minors. Very strange as it didn't happened the first time I took the test. I did exactly the same, and it was even the same route. Any way, with all the money spent on driving lessons, insurance to be able to drive my wife's car plus the test itself I feel that there must be something wrong in the system. The criteria that these people apply to each test is different depending the person who is setting the test. Every single one will have a different opinion. What really p****s me off is the patronising attitude these people have once the test is finished. I've got sentences like, 'I'm not responsible for your learning, as that is your responsibility, but you should spend more time on driving lessons, and in the last test "you let yourself down"'. Everything goes around power, every one wants a little bit. The problem is when little people have big powers. All the best
3rd time fail
Hey, failed mine for the third time today. The serious fault was on the reverse round a corner (left). Instructor always told me to start turning when the curb reaches a certain point in my back left window. Unfortunately the examiner had pulled his chair back and I couldn't see the window, so I was using guesswork and ended up too far from the curb. I know I shouldn't be so reliant on specific points and should do it more naturally but has anyone got any tips on the reverse round a corner manouver? I usually have no trouble, but as I said my view was obscured and it was up a big hill.
I failed my second today. I was about to reverse around a corner and lots of car entered the road, maybe 2-3 seconds behind each other so i waited to pull of, and more cars kept coming. but the examiner failed me instantly as he thinks that i should have started reversing back tiny amounts until the cars was near to me, i argued that by the time i had done all the blindspot observations the cars had reached me, and by being over cautious i was not being dangerous or causing an obstructions. i argued it, and thats something that i never do. so pee'd off, i just cant see why i failed on that. Too top it off he marked me down on silly things that i did exactly the same but didnt get marked down on on my first test, there is no consistency between the two tests. i think it is just so hard to pass now, nearly impossible. Every examiner marks you different, when they should all be regulated to have the same standards.
In reply to female 28, I changed to BSM after failing with my previous instructor 3 times, I thought (wrongly!) that a established school could only be better, failed twice in the same month, 2 weeks before my last test I had to cancel one of my lessons and ten minutes after telling my instuctor this he decided to tell me I was not approaching roundabouts and turning left and right properly! He said I was holding my clutch down and coasting, apparently old habits! I had never been told about this before, the week before my test he would not allow me to finish manoveres saying that I was going to hit the kerb when doing a turn in the road he insisted I was going to hit a lamppost! I continued with the manovere and did not hit anything. It was the worst lesson ever, needless to say I cancelled my test and all further lessons as he has totally knocked my confidence, I got a call from his duty manager which was a waste of time as all she could say was 'as she was not in the car she could not relly comment on anything' but he may have had a bad day! in which she was told as he was getting £23 p/h and it had been 9.30am and I was not paying for him to bring his problems to my lesson. Beware this is a money orientated company, will get another instructor an rebook my test hopefully I will pass next time.
I failed my first driving test yesterday :( I am utterly depressed. Failed on 2minors and 1danger, which happened within the last 10mins on the way back to the test center!!! I was at a pedestrian crossing and the back of a car in the opposite lane was half on the crossing area, obscuring my view. So i waited for the lights to go green... i checked everything and started moving off... then the examiner used his controls to stop the car. There was a lady standing (perfectly still) behind the back of the car. Didnt see her at all! and it went down as a danergous. :| I knew i had failed.... Back at the test center the examiner said i drove better than half the people he passes, but still, i did not manage a pass (even with that comment)
@ 3rd time fail. Sorry about your result. Try keeping head and shoulders mobile, moving forward and back, until you can see properly, before you move the car. Practise. Good luck
Just a warning:
@ female28 most BSM instructors are not fully qualified... they are trainees! they charge riduculous prices, for poor quailty of lessons. to be honest, its better going with a private instructor. Good luck with you driving test! just take a break, and go for another. Also, depending on where you are, the weekend examiners are often nicer.
Just failed my first time >< clocked up an astonishin 4 minors (resulting in a major) on 'change speed' ( i think he said it's cos i approach junctions/roundabouts to ofast then change gears quickly rather than going into 3then waiting then goin into 2 etc). got serious for...wait for it NOT lookin over my shoudler during a 3 point turn...it was such a quiet road and i could see EVERYTHING via my interioir and exterior mirrors PLUS im pretty sure i ddi turn and look but he said i had to be lookin backwards ALL the time durin the reversing bit of the turn. those two = fail =(
Just failed my first time >< clocked up an astonishin 4 minors (resulting in a major) on 'change speed' ( i think he said it's cos i approach junctions/roundabouts to ofast then change gears quickly rather than going into 3then waiting then goin into 2 etc). got serious for...wait for it NOT lookin over my shoudler during a 3 point turn...it was such a quiet road and i could see EVERYTHING via my interioir and exterior mirrors PLUS im pretty sure i ddi turn and look but he said i had to be lookin backwards ALL the time durin the reversing bit of the turn. those two = fail =(
Bulls#!t Tests
I failed for the 4th time yesterday, its becoming absolute boll*$ks as they are failing me for 1 serious fault everytime, can they not take into account that the average joe black makes some kind of mistake on the road, and when you are full of nerves on a test it is to be expected. The first fail was on parallel park - brushed the kerb, 2nd fail was on failing to overtake when someone flashed me in on a dual carriage way - thought that wasn't allowed! 3rd fail was for doing slightly over 30 in 30 zone - my fault entirely, and 4th on a roundabout filtering to leave and apparently I caused a van to brake behind me - he was not even close to my back bumper, I had signalled correctly and he didn't beep his horn, so I don't think I affected him that much! In my oppinion, they can't wait to fail you, each examiner has given me minor faults on completely different things, think they should all be re-trained to the same standard. Have booked my 5th, getting bored with it now and have lost hope.
Third test yesterday, got 2 minors and 1 major because someone indicated to take the immediate exit on the roundabout, manouvered, and then changed their mind that they werent going to take that exit anymore... had already moved passed the stop line as seem like an opportunity. Examiner said they had indicated wrong but was really sorry and couldnt give them all the blame. Sounds like working with a quota eh?! SO annoyed, everyone has passed and theres little old me getting the bus :( Hate those ppl who pass with 13/14 minors and they cant drive for s... Similar thing happened in last test, examiner majored me for 'changing lanes too early' on a roundabout, which was a load of jack. Every says 'dont worry, ul do it next time' but some ppl really dont realise how frustrating it is, u kno u can do something but an examiner who wants to meet their quota fails you and you cant do nething about it.. :@
Omg, I failed my practical test on Monday (21st April), but it was my first time, so i was very nervous. The test route was horrible, there was construction work going on right near the test centre, so there were loads of lorries and vans about, and the junctions were really obstructed. And as i came out of the test centre, because of the building work, this one road was obstructed to you had to stop at a light to give way, but the light was on red for ages, and that made me even more anxious lol. And when i did pass, the road was such a mess, there was hardly any room and and the road markings weren't very clear, so it was hard to tell they were junctions, so you just had to go slow, but then there's the added worry, that you would lose points for being too cautious!! But my manouveres were fine, no probs what so ever, i got 6 minors, and 3 majors for, turning right, reacting correctly to road signs, and my use of speed. But what makes it worse is that my theory test will run out on 16th May, and they have made the theory test harder now. I just wish that I hadn't left such a long gap where i didnt do any lessons, because I wouldnt have had this horrible panic situation, but you cant waste time regretting the past, just have to make the best of the present. Anyway, all i can do now is keep ringing up for cancellations at the test centre, after a bloody 10 working day wait period that is! So it is hard, because its just more money aswell, but once you have done it, you will be glad, I know I will.
When I hear some people saying they got failed because some idiot pedestrian came running out onto the road and they failed to stop, that annoys me. If you can see them, then fair enough, stop. But sometimes you have another vehicle blocking your view aswell, and some of these pedestrians are just complete morons, they come charging out even when they know the road isnt clear, they just expect you to stop for them and they dont even think. Some of them just run out inbetween parked cars without looking, it's like, they could cause a frikkin 10 car pile up and they probably wouldnt notice it, they would just carry on walking without even looking back lol. They bloody deserve to get run over for being so stupid lol.
Bulls#!t tests
Just failed my 5th, 1 serious for positioning, chose wrong lane on approach to roundabout, and to be fair thats the first time I had driven on it in my life, he took me on 4 roundabouts and 4 mini roundabouts, no doubt they are getting ready to make the tasts harder. My test was in west bridgeford, I ended up near Nottingham city hospital, will have to practise more round there, but to be honest, can't even be bothered with driving now. I v'e been driving as a learner for the past 10 years, only last year I decided to take my theory and practical tests - I v'e never had the money before. Any tips please let me know cos for some reason, I just can't pass!
i failed for the fifth time today , in the passed three days i have handed over £120 to my instructer plus the fee,ddgdshjrujjchujkwefruewhfcjkeqwjkejfncqjehuireytf uiyjhf rhefjkrhegfyhjrgfrfhfedsndbfmnfbcnxbcvhjhasreklhfklh. yes thats how peed off i am ,i had to bloody take some pills b4 i set off thats how nervous i was. yeah it was cuz i was crap,.........but the examiner was so bloody moody and stiff made me feel more uncomfortable plus it was pouring down with rain ..................................... tossers all of em xxxxxxx
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I thought my theory test was tomorrow afternoon but it was scheduled for today. I missed the exam and there is no way of taking the test without paying another £30 :( It's my fault, I just think there about all the free spare test places that aren't taken on a day to day basis... - why can't they reschedule those that have paid but forget/are ill or another reason? Max
I just failed fourth time..for one major mistake. I am so pissed. I have to do 2 hours of behind the wheel again :(
Ali Sar
Well Guys, I took my First Ever Practical Test And Failed with 14 Minors and 3 Serious Faults, Here is what i got wrong Reverse Round a corner - Didn't do my Observations. (1 Fault[s]) Reverse Parking - I was told i didn't control the car properly and was also told i didn't do my observations. (2 Fault[s]) Steering Control (2 Fault[s]) Moving of Safely (1 Fault[s]) Looking into mirror's when change of speed. (2 Fault[s]) Signals necessary needed (2 Fault[s]) I was going 32mph on a 30mph Road and should of gone no faster than 30mph (3 Fault[s]) Lane Discipline (1 Fault[s]) Now this is the main reason Why i failed, On a dual carriage way i was on the overtake lane but should of been on the Left lane *This was a Serious, meaning i failed because of this* Im only 18 and To be honest, not to bothered about failing first time, most people i know pass on there 2nd try, i booked my test but wont say when :P And hopefully ill pass :)
Hey Guys, i took my test on thursday 12th and failed on gears, i tried to change into 3rd but accidently changed into 1st. Iv managed to get a cancellation not realising it is 9 working days after my last test not 10 and the nearest test after that is end of july!! What can i do? Is it always always 10 working days?
Bulls#!t tests
speeding kills but slowing fails!!
Hey, I failed my 2nd attempt today, I got 3 minor for driving at less speed and 3 minor for undue hesitation(over cautious!!) both resulting in 2 majors. The examiner told me that I would kill someone if I drove at 15mph on 30mph road!!. I agree I was bit more cautious especially when I was driving during rush hours of monday morning meeting so many cars in narrow roads of residential areas. I am sure I did not brake harshly or braking too frequently to cause problem for the traffic behind and did not cause any tailing of traffic behind. This sounds rediculous when they say speed kills and cutting national speed limits by 10mph would cut 500 deaths annually. my instructor says hesitation was not a problem when I drive with him especially at higher speed limits away from residential areas. I am totally confused. I failed my 1st attempt with 1 major for observation but did not get even 1 minor for speeding or hesitation at that time. may be I shouldnt have had that redbull before the test which made me over cautious?!!. Getting ready for new set of skills for 3rd attempt but not before 2 months!!(waiting time).
hi i passed my 4th test 2years ago and i just wanted to say dont give up hope, i know the horrible feeling when every1 else around you is passing and you just cant seem to do it, i would hate to go through my tests again! one tip i would give is that if you get very nervous before/during tests as i did you could go to ur drs and they should prescribe you some pills to take beforehand to help calm your nerves. i didnt think it would work but it did, i cant describe the feeling i just felt so relaxed and like it didnt really matter. On my 3rd test (without pills) i got 4 (yes 4!) majors and several minors! i then went to the doctors (my instructor recomended that i did this as she said i was a good driver and the reason i kept failing with so many majors was mainly down to nerves) and did my 4th test 2 weeks later and passed with 5minors! i just couldnt believe it, i really believe this is what got me through my test, anyway that is the only advice i can think of to offer apart from the obvious things like practice!
Theory Test
Apparently the theory test is gets harder in a few months. It's really annoying when you have to take it for a second time! The practical seems to be getting harder every day too.
2nd attempt tommorow
:( i have got my second test tommorow morning at 8:10AM (i am not a morning person) I expect the roads will be packed as it is the rush hour. I really dont wanna fail but i know i will. I am a good driver (or so my instructor has told me) but get really nervous. its 1:00AM now and i cant go to sleep as i am soo nervous :( looks like i will be up all night.
2nd attempt tommorow
Guess what !! I FAILED !!!!! :( I got 5 minors all together. But because 4 minors were for 'DRIVING TOO SLOW!!' I failed :( It was raining very hard and roads were very slippy of couse im going to go slow :( I hate that examiner !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It really is a relief to read im not the only one who keeps failing driving tests...ive literally just done my 7th driving test today and failed!! i cant believe it cos i really thought i'd passed, i only got 4 minors and majors for road positioning which was so unfair and i really didnt think it would be a major! I've been learning to drive now for over 2 years, started before alot of my friends and they've all passed now, i've spent and borrowed sooo much money for driving i actually cant afford it anymore! To make things worse there is this women examinor where i take my tests who is known for being unfair and harsh, i've had her 3 times and she really is unpleasant and rude and makes you feel even more nervous! I feel so stupid and embarrassed and cant believe this is happening to me!!! im not a bad driver at all, i don't get many minors and my driving instructor also cant understand why i keep failing :-( just feel like im never going to do it.
Bulls#!t tests
Fiona - thats not a notts test centre by any chance is it?
nah, i live in kent.
Ross (:
Hi everyone , reading these comments to try and comfort myself ! although its really sad seeing that so many people are trying so hard and failing ! , i have failed twice and they have been very very very harsh decisions why i have failed !! The whole system is silly and needs to be sorted out , surely there has to be some le-way as anything could happen when driving! I really think examiners should examine relistically as if they were driving themselves rather than by a stupid book or whatever they have!! Fiona i feel the same like i am never going to pass :@ . . and it really does feel like it is going that way , anyways another test next week im hoping for the best but havent been able to have any lessons since my last test :S . . . but ill kep trying until i pass :) . . . GOOD LUCK EVERYONE ! x
yep. i failed me 2nd test and its doing my head in...it seems like we need some luck 2.dont forget guys and girls.the doors swings both ways....i hate driving now
hi every1 failed 3 tests sit my 4th on 21st aug seem to be failing on stupid things HERE'S HOPIN MY 4THS MY LAST WITH ANY LUCK xx
I've just failed my first one. But here it's essential for me to pass, as this year I need to be able to drive to school. My parents can't because they're working, and there's no bus transportation this year. So I've gotta drive... I've got one more chance tomorrow to pass before school starts and I'll have to find someone to pool with...But it's good to find a nice forum full of other people who can't seem to pass...I've just been through another forum saying 'how easy it was to pass', and it's getting sickening, though I'm certainly glad to realize that I'm not alone! Yes, well, the only reason I failed was because of a stop sign error. I stopped at the line, but because of the bush in the way on the right, I had to slowly pull up in order to see. Slowly. Stopped again, after I could see. But I failed for not stopping at the line...Ridiculous... I've seen people on my streets who for some reason don't know the use of their turn signals at all, yet they've passed their test. How can they possibly suppose that the way people drive for their test is the same as they will drive for the rest of their life? So how can they assume that one mistake will be representative of how I will drive? Everyone would make a driving mistake many times in their lives...
Hi guys !! Just wanted to let u all kno i failed my test for the first time on wed. :( i got 12 minors but wait the reason 'she' failed me was because i took a corner a lil wide there was no traffic or pedestrians around. i was gutted. done my bay park before i even left the test centre and my 3 point turn about 5 mins into test along with emergency stop. done them all perfectly . i was really annoyed. It really disheartens you when she says them words but im going to try and get a cancelation very soon. my minors were for silly things like speed, gears and observation on my manoeuvers. But she put the serious down for taking that corner a lil wide and the best about it is i cant even remeber doing it! Good luck to everyone thats doing their test xxx
failed 3 tests already !!!! got my 4th test on thurs 21st soooo here's hopin all goes well this time, let u all no soon hopefully with a smile xx
Will H
Haha i failed my fifth test today!! Gonna take some beating guys so let's see what uve got ;-) Bloody pratts i had two examiners in my car today what kind of chance do you stand- secondly i drive in a town which has the lowest pass rate of 27.1%! Good job im moving out of Brentwood Essex to Norwich! Im hoping al have abit more luck here as i am just about done with this place now. To every1 that fails their driving test- i know it is the most gut wrenching experience in the whole world- it almost comes close to a death! You work so hard for something for so long to be judged for 40 minutes of your life under false conditions. If you ask me the whole thing is a sham... but then again i would say that because i cant pass the friggin' thing. I'm sure we will all get there one day.. Imagine the amount of money we have all spent over the years .. Can't give up now. Just brush ourselves off and try again. We'll beat you TWATS DSA!!!
I failed my first driving test yesterday. I got 15 minors! and like 6 majors :(. I feel as though no ones done that bad before :(. Im usually fine. But after making one stupid mistake everything else started going wrong. For some reason when it came to doing the paralell park (which i can normally do well) i touched the curb!! Then started to panic. So thought i would pull foward and start again BUT got too close to the car :(. Arggh. So i got like 4 majors for this.. and yes one was for touching the curb :(. Going to book another test soon. Need to pass before january as thats when my theory runs out and no way am i re-taking that. Plus im running out of money :(
Kelly jONES
My driving lessons were going really well and I had a lesson the day before my test, my driving instructor who was normally a great guy started telling me all these driving test horror stories (Bloody last thing you need the day before your test!) which made me really nervous about taking my test and affected my last lesson. I had been doing mock driving lessons all week and doing quite well on them but the mock test on this lesson went bad as I was nervous through all his tales. I felt so upset at the end of the lesson as I was sure I would fail the next day. The next day came round and we drove down to the test centre, the driving examiner was really nice which helped calm my nerves. I did the test and when I pulled back into the test centre I awaited the bad news. 'Thats the end of the tast Kelly, and I am please to tell you that you have passed' I coundnt belive what I heard! I passed my driving test first time round with only two minors! My First minor was for undue hesitation at a junction, I was waiting to turn right into a minor road and there was a car coming in the opposite direction, I felt it was too close and decided to wait till it had passed before turning and I got a minor for it. My second minor fault was for the turn in the road! This was a manover that I had never had any issues with and was supprised I had managed to do it slightly wrong. A combination of nervs and a very very narrow road meant I did the manover in five instead of 3 steps. That was last year now but I am still very proud! Good luck to anyone taking their test soon!
dsa is shizzle
it is all fixed, they need the money coming in, it works on a rota. some people on the road now are shit, if you pass first time 2nd time it doesnt meananything, if your instructor was to take his test again it is no guarantee he would pass, it depends on the situation. my examiner was a total cunt, bth of them.
Just wondering if anyone had got 6 majors? The examiner gave me 3 for hitting a curb and then a few more for use of speed and applying my signal too late.. I think after my first mistake i panicked alot. but now im worried for my next test incase i do just as bad :(. argh i also got 15 minors!..
i failed today with 2 minors and 1 major, stupid major and not sure if it is worthy of a major but there were parked cars on the left and i thought it was the que for the light ahead which were on red, the annoying thing was thtat there was someone in the driving seat in the car ahead and the person behind me even did the same thing. and at the end he said i was one of the best driver oooooooooooo thanks for telling me that after ive failed nob!!!!
wow reading all your comments is making me really nervous ive got my 1st test on 22nd of oct ive had about 35 hours driving with my instructor and i have my own car, but they fail u 4 the stupidest mistakes half of which arent even your faultt!!!!!!!!!!!!!! grrrrrrr if i dont pass il cry and kill myself!!!!!!! I WILL
i failed my first test on the 23 or 25 of september (cant remember exactly lol!) and i booked my next one for november 11th, but then i had to change it because it is my friends bday, so then i could only get the 27th of november! but then i looked for cancellations today, and its in 2 days!! AHH!! lol! my first test was alright. my examiner seemed nice enough. i did a perfect huge hill start and everything! i failed literally 300 meters from teh end. i could see the end gate!!! a cocky driver decided to pull out really fast, and apparently he shoudnt have done it, but i should have reacted differently, so it was a serious fault!!! argh! so i ended up with 6 minors and a serious! :(. i hope i pass this time. i was so upset when i failed! the thing is, i know that i can pass. i have been driving everywhere sucessfully with my parents. i dont even have lessons anymore...for ages actually lol! i find it annoying when people do the really fast 'week pass' things, where they have a week full of lessons, then pass their tests. they're not safe! they dont have any road/car experience really, yet people like me and all of you who have had lessons for 6ish months or more are failed for silly things, that wouldnt normally happen! grr lol! well i hope i pass this time! i think im going to be more nervous actually, as i now know that it is pretty easy to fail! :O!
Reading all this has cheered me up.... Just failed my first test! I'm male.. 24 yrs old. Been doing lessons for a year, the test was mostly perfect, pretty much... 6 minors .. on clutch and approach speed (matter of opinion I may add!) I've been riding motorbikes for 8 years, have a big bike now (3yrs) of which I ride very safely, I ride everyday!... never had any worries with the bikes. Been a courier too for the blood bank! The asshole failed me for driving over too much of a painted roundabout... ..my instructor specifically told me its alright to drive over them to a degree, I literally went over enough to follow a good driving position as oppose to going all the way round, which would of been unsafe under the circumstances. Also he said I'm overall lacking in the observation department, in which he couldn't pass me! I did say, as you know I've been riding motorbikes for 8 years.. you're failing me on observations..!! Are you for real? Bet he was an ex-copper !! I also said I'm failing you on observations, because if you were observing that I was observing I would have passed! He stormed off then! I told my instructor and he's a bit pissed off as he's booked another student in my regular lesson time slot to start from next week.. he was pretty confident to say the least! Anyone that says there isn't a quota is talking rubbish! The DVLA are a bunch of robbing muthas. There should be 2 instrutors present for the test or record it (like the police do).... but they won't do that now will they... cos the DVLA will lose a fortune of their 'robbed' cash passing people that are fit for the road!! Oh well rant over .. : ) Ahhhh! Sorry, I'm just peved at the situation, needed the licence to get a van for my new job, which I won't be able to get now... or the job! There's little work where I am and due to the circumstances I may lose my house and everything!! So my lovely people...Good luck with it... and I encourage you to point out if you fail for silly things that the person that tested you is a stiff bastard!! Yes it's childish but it feels good!!
re: my previous post... I have checked about whats legal regarding painted roundabouts .... You CAN and are allowed to drive over them as long as they are not raised and there are no other drivers on the roundabout. In the old highway code it says you MUST drive around them.. this has been updated as it can be misguiding to other drivers... Please note this incase it happens to you!! I failed due to the fact my 'tester' dosen't actually know his job! DVLA should sort it out!! Good luck anyway everyone, be cool, take is steady.. oh and a tip... approach junctions, nice and steady.. and tuck yourself in for a better view of the road... means you can often stay in second instead of dropping to first ; )
Just joined many of you by failing my first test yesterday. I was really nervous but tried my best to concentrate on the task at hand and to not make any mistakes. I was so worried about the manouevres, hills, changing gears, speed that I completely threw away signalling and was doing it too late at the beginning. I did it about four times and the examiner failed me as it was considered dangerous. My report was clean. I had no marks elsewhere. My instructor was more upset than i was as signalling is not something i'm weak at. He was really shocked! It only dawned on me a few hours later... luckily I managed to book another test in just two weeks time. Hope I can do it this time, but reading all these stories, just makes me wonder what else are they going to come with to fail people? sounds like it can really just be anything... you just dont know.
Belfast Girl
Hey All! Just thought i would update this and let u all know i passed my 4th dirivng test on Wednesday. I just went into it with a 'whatever happens, happen' approach and my examiner was very nice he made me feel alot more comfortable than previous tests! I couldnt beleive it when he told me i'd passed i was crying my eyes out! I passed with jsut 5 minor marks. You will get there in the end up keep at it :)
Had my third driving test today and sadly I failed! It was the worst feeling ever.. Believe me.. I have been crying all day because of it and have been depressed because I am at the age where I wanna drive and get that independence (I am 21 btw), But seeing this thread has reassured me and made me feel a lil better lol ;) I got 8 minors and 2 serious faults dont you jus hate when that happens????? My examiner was a fat bastard and sitting with him severely repulsed me (pukes) so I blame his severely out of shape physiqe for my failure lol. I failed with a roundabout for apparently pulling up to close to a bus and not signalling off it and causing another road user to slow down. But I totally agree with the girl that said that you feel like the smallest person in the world when you get driven home by your instructor, its horrible and you have to hold that silly green test report thingy.. the worst bit is when you have to break the news to family and friends! Because even though they assure you, you know that they would have more respect for you if you passed. But never mind I am going to re-book and NOT give up! And everyone that has failed do the same.. Because I do believe these fails make you a better driver, least we are privilidged ( see it that way) in getting the pointers in where we go wrong.
Hey all! Well, just come across this forum about failing tests. Im so gutted, I failed my 4th test yesterday.. its really got to me, and im soooo gutted! =[ I have failed for such stupid things. 1st test: Failed, got into a wrong lane. 2nd test: Failed for doing 54 in a 50 zone. Ooops! 3rd test: Not looking in mirrors enough! 4th test: Not getting up to speed on a big road, Ive had a bad toothache, so that didnt help! My confidence wasnt there. aaargh! But reading through this forum has helped me.. sometimes, you feel like your the only person in the world feeling like this =[ Good luck everyone on your next tests! Hopefully ill do it on my 5th!! xxx
Failed my 2nd driving test today - really depressed about it. Yet again - clean report but worst of all and the reason for my failure was I hit another car. I haven't even told any of my friends or family (other than my mum) - how embarassing! I was going on a really narrow road which had cars parked on either side and it was extremely tight. I hit my right side mirror against another one. The examiner told me 'it's ok - dont' worry' and then in the end he told me that was the reason I failed. Because of his comment I thought he would've let me off but no - it wasn't to be. I'm really not in the mood to sit any more lessons or any more tests but all the money and time invested is going to have to pay off. Booked my 3rd already - hope I can do it next time! Good luck to you all and don't give up!!
Hi, i have failed 5 tests. I am a confident driver, but made mistakes each time. |I still havent passed. One mistake, you fail. I stopped at a green light (?) cos i thought the filter light was gonna come on for me to turn right (?). I think they expect us to be really experienced drivers before we take our tests (how old am i?). And what makes me even ANGRIER is that there are SO MANY rubbish drivers out there that have passed there test and then go and race around like i dont know what! Oh, and i think the government want to introduce another thing to the driving tests - how to save the environment. Like we're really gonna think about that when we're taking our tests!!!
I failed my first driving test today. I failed for not checking my mirrors in time before changing lanes at a roundabout. So annoyed! I was sure I had screwed up my reverse around a corner - I thought I was too far out from the kerb. But apparently not. I think I would've rather failed for the reverse than not checking the mirrors! Tbh, I think it should've only been a minor. Before my test I was told that there would be two examiners in the car with me - one examiner to examine me, and the other to examine the examiner. I wasn't overly nervous, but when I was told this I panicked. I'm gonna try and book another test soon, although I don't feel confident at all. I'm not very good at the manoeveurs and I think it was down to luck that I did them okay. I'll probably not be as lucky on my next test though!
Failed my third test today! I am not even feeling upset about it - I really just went into it not caring at all and drove really badly. In the end the examiner told me the only reason why I failed was because my observations weren't that good during my reverse round the corner. I've had enough of going into these tests and failing for only one serious/dangerous fault and that's it... I'm going to give it a bit of a break and try again next year... had enough!!
Hannah UK
Hi everyone! I've failed four times, But I am doing on the road that was recently voted the worst road to drive on in britian!! I'm so fed up with haveing to do them! I've taken three theory tests passed every single one but they kept running out. Took a test about a month ago but failed and then my theory run out so took my theory again yesterday and passed. Gonna try my 5th test soon and I am so determined to pass I will do it one day!!! So I know how everyone feels there should definately be a way to change how the test is actually done like an ongoing assesment or something but hey! such is life. Got a funny story about an examiner, my last one told me she was really a witch. How about that for calming you when your driving!!!! xx p.s tor that crap about having two examiners I would have been scared too, but as for your manoevers if you did them ok in your test the most stressful thing ever thats cos your good at them not because of luck! you'll get there! :D
I failed my test yesterday I had to drive with 'Hilter' he didn't like me from the beginning as in the test centre he started shouting at me 'Is, this you in this photo' and 'Can you do your signature again' and 'Do you live at this address' and then he pressed the provisional card on my face and said 'turn your head to the left!' So I knew I failed before I got into the car. I failed for parallel parking on a down hill bend to the left on a really small road which had cars parked on both sides. I just couldn't adjust to this condition and Hitler was facing me in the passenger seat and giving me evil looks. I know the government doesn't want young male drivers on the road. They like to blame young men for everything bad about the roads. this is Sexism. I hate it. Plus being black doesn't help when you get a grumpy old white man who looks like he smokes crack! He took me on a route which I have never been on before and trust me. I spent so much money on learning the Wanstead area that I could have predicted the route if he did one from the DSA website. He failed me 4 times and let me carry on??? I only got 5 minors. Its down to luck of the draw! Who you are driving with, The roads you drive on and the other road users. I mean some sick people want to mess you up for a laugh.
Omg i failed my 3rd test today :( i had no minors and 2 majors, both completley pathetic. First was for ym bay park apparently One of my back wheel was just slightly on the white line thts wht the examiner said! and second well my examner said'you went at the right time in the right gap off the roundabout but as you pulled off slowly the car coming round had to slow down' umm in all fairness the car comin roun wasnt there when i went off and he was goin well fast... argh soo annoyed as they cudda been minors i dont see how they cudda benn majors!!!!!
dan uk
Well, I failed my first test yesterday, got 8 minors and 2 majors, 1st cos i went into the other side of the road on my reverse around the corner and second for indicating too early on a roundabout. What's majorly pissed me off is that my drivings pretty good, I just hate left reverse! To be fair my examiner wasn't an arsehole, it would've been a lot worse if he was, but I was gutted because I've been at this for a year now, oh well, just have to book another one! Would still be nice to throw something at the examiner though.
I have my second driving test tomorrow! I think I'll be more nervous than I was for my first. Everyone keeps telling me that most people pass on their second time, which is just putting me under more pressure to pass! I'm soo not confident. I just hope I don't get asked to reverse into a parking space, because on my lesson before my last test i couldn't get it right at all. 3 point turn and parallel park please! Wish me luck!
I just failed my second driving test with 2 majors - not slowing down at a pedestrian crossing and being too close to a car. I only had 4 minors. I'm pretty upset about it. And I'm dreading telling everyone that I failed again. I feel like I'll never pass now.
Hannah UK
Hey Tor thats poop! but don't worry I've done 4 driving tests!! so need to book my 5th, You get to a point where you don't care and just keep going. At the end of the day people don't need to know how many tests you've done, once your driving you'll even forget!!! good luck to you me and everyone! xxx
Miss M
I have booked my driving test for december the 23rd at 8 am. Its my first ever one. but for some reason, after having a year of lessons , i do not feel 100 % ready...hmm...but family say- oh just have a go because its xmas holidays and the roads should be quiet at that time. hmmmmmmm.......i m gona try and do a mocky test on monday and if it goes o.k- then cool- but if not i am going to wait.......and practice at home. i havnt been practicing at home because brother takes car to uni.....so maybe i should cancel this test.......................what do u think guys.....or have i kinda answered me own question...lol
I failed first time today with 4 miors and one major. I was pulling out of a junction but couldnt see anything to my lfet because of this fukin bus. I edged out slowly, nothing was coming so I proceeded straight ahead (there is a hill to the left) as I was moving, a speeding car came flying around and the examiner floored the break. This made it more dangerous as i was in the middle of the road. If the car hadent broke in time then BANG right into the side. Anyway, i knew I had failed at this point but there was no way the examiner should have intervened. Another test booked for 5th January 2009!
Bern Roberts
Hi guys, Let me share some information with you. Passing your driving test is all about your attitude. If you have the right attitude you'll pass first time. Here's what I mean: People see the driving test as a separate thing to everyday driving, but really it isn't. I've lost count how many times I've heard people blame the examiner, or blame other drivers for them failing. People just don't like to think that they are the ones at fault. Well there's only one person to blame for you failing a driving test. Guess who that is? You. The big problem is this: when you fail a driving test, you, as a learner do not have enough skill to judge whether you acted safely ot not. It is quite possible that the examiner, as a far more experienced driver, has taken into account factors that you haven't even considered. The main reason people fail the test is because they are not ready to take it. They just want to pass their test and get driving. What many don't seem to consider is that if they cannot cope with something (for example a roundabout) on a driving test, what makes them think they will be able to cope after the test. The only difference is that they won't have anyone in the car to help them when they get stuck. Learn to drive properly... then take the test and you'll pass first time.
I disagree with you Bern Roberts. They have a pass mark for that one week, if you are doing your test and they will pick the slightest thing just to fail you. This HAS been proved. Also there are alot of idiots out there that dont give a flying shit. They will see the examiner is in the car with you but they will still pull out infront of you, still be too close behind you and will be impatient. You could say that you should cope with that but that comes down to experience. I failed because of an inconsiderate bus driver parked ILLEGALLY! My instructor said that it wasnt my fault, that bus driver is the one that shouldnt have a licence. I had 4 minor faults and just from the end a stupid idiot of a fat bus driver that decided to park there on my test. WANK! Iv got a re-sit on Monday and if the traffic is ok then I think I should be ok but it doesnt all depend on your driving. You can fail for alot of silly things and things that arent your fault at all.
I have my test tomorrow, and if i fail it wont be my fault, it'll be the weather as there is thick snow everywhere! I'm assuming it will be canceled though.
Aaah, 3rd driving test tomorrow :/I haven't driven in about a month.. should be interesting.
Failed my 2nd test today :( I think its ridiculous how the DSA works. I was driving down a country road 10 minutes from the end of my test and its national speed limit. Now I am obviously not experienced enough to go 60mph on a dangerous country road (so many accidents) so I went 50mph and it was dusk and a curvy road so I thought 50mph was ok. I got 2 minours and 3 minours on the speed which leads to one majour. I was so pissed off at the examiner so I yelled in his face because I was being more safe and took the environment into account (time of day, road layout and experience) Its just a joke now. I need my driver's licence as I am half way through my selection process for the Royal Marines and I have to focus on my fitness, my school work (4 months left) and now my driving. I will hopefully start Recruit Training in May/June and that is 32 weeks long so I must pass before then! DSA ARE TWATS!!
dan uk
next test on tuesday, hopefully this time!
My 3rd driving test was cancelled because of icy roads (which weren't even icy.) I had a lesson before and the roads were perfectly fine, but when i got to the test centre they told me that they were still out checking the routes. I was so pissed off. I was so ready to pass! I have a test in about 3 hours. Aaaah!
3rd test passed (:
dan uk
i've bloody failed again! i didn't do my obs proprly on my turn in the road, which is completely out of character for me! thats it, i'm not doing it again
Got my 3rd test next friday. (23rd January) and I really really hope I pass this time.
farrel .t
hello evrybody. av just failed my driving test 2day for the 3rd time. y? well a was goin down a country lane 60 mph national speed limit a was onli doin 35-40 anyway, a gets bak 2 the test centre examier says am sorry but u avnt passed this time y? u went 2 fast on the country lane. watt!!! a was onli doin 40 at the most, but u shud b aware of uver fings around ya like cars but it was wet n muddy 2day u shuda gon slower ow f*****g slow do u want me go??? my instructor says AFTER my test u shud b aware of fings around u but u didnt tel me that wen i ada lesson 2days b4 wif you a was doin 50 mp n u sed that was fine wa am i spose 2 expect. but! i also failed on a junction ata stop sign a slowed down but didnt stop! my examiner was gay anyway e was probs sh***n it 4 it been a lil wet n muddy haha lol, am goin book my nest test 2day if i fail that am goin leave it abit a cant keep affording onet ere n there time after time in a short space but y? dont giv up peeps the more u giv up the harder it wil be n u wont save money thatway u wil just av 2 av more practise that means more lessons n that also menan more money an then ya test. so good luck 2 al ya 4 ya next time or times round not evry1 passes al the time al depends on the day wel a most fink soo if u can drive ya cn drive theres no neeed 4 ya not 2 pass but who am i 2 say i failed me 3rd time am more worried wa me mum is goin say lol well shout!!
i had my practical 2 days ago and i PASSED!!!!! First tym and get this 0 MINORS. i seriosly dont kno how i did it bcuz i knew i had made sum mistakes sumwer but the instructa was a top geeza. mayb he was too busy chattin to me rather than concentratin on the roads, i though id talk about sumfin mature as he was 50 odd so we got on about the credit crunch and mortgages!!it relly dus depend sumtimes on who u get, plus the test route i got was pretty easy and if u get an aftanoon slot on a weekday as this will significantly increase ur chances of passing. rememba its ok to feel edgy before the test as i believe if you are to relaxed you will think u kno it all which is the wrong totally the wrong attitude!! they shud giv me cheapa insurance bcuz of that bcuz the prices i am getin are ridiculousss!!!
I passed 3rd time today!!!! It feels so f**king good! ! ! ! ! ! Keep at it people coz the end feeling is amazing! Im out for a drive now.
hey...B? hopefully if you are still looking at this forum etc....what time did u book your test?....miss m
hey...hey i bukd it at 1.35 but anytime during the afternoon shud b ok. my suggestion is go to wales and take ur test bcuz its a ghostown anyway
OK so I just failed my 2nd test and I feel like a massive twat because I can't practice outside of lessons since my parents all have automatics. I am costing my parents a load of money having loads of lessons but now I am at the standard where I can drive OK and should pass. I think the system is poo and the tests should be longer and more lenient, showing up the people who can't drive and not depriving those who can of a license due to one or two unhelpful situations. Tor I can obviously empathise with you but I guess we should just not put ourselves under too much pressure. The first time I spent about £100 getting to where I usually have lessons (im at boarding school this was in the holidays and all my lessons are during term time) and spent more on lessons that day, just to fail (going round a deserted roundabout too quickly)! This time I have a Uni interview tomorrow... I agree with Hannah and just try not to worry about passing and just think about your driving. Good luck (sorry I know it doesn't help one bit) xx
Just Failed my second test today, completely gutted.....mainly because my examiner tried to confuse me from the word hello .... 'can you read the number plate of the car in front of you' Which car ? there are about 5 in front of me :@ anyway failed on minors ..... she just didnt want to pass me ... moody bitch
failed my test 4 times.. got depressed after th 4th time..now ive my test tomorrow..hope i pass as ive spent thousands on it!!! and i know every1 passes eventually,, but its just that ur confidence gets knocked back and u feel like shit.lol well good luck to every1 fingers crossed i get on fine 2moro!!!:):) xO
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Have my third test tommorrow.Must admit that I feel quite jaded towards the whole experience.First time I only had 6 lessons and should never have been entered in for the test.I gave it a break but I really need to drive for work so gave it another go before christmas.My driving instructor was ill 5 lessons before meaning I had to change car and instructor .Despite this I drove the best I have ever done to be told I had failed because I drove too close to a parked car!It then takes seven weeks before you can rebook meaning more money down the drain.Cant help but think if they want to fail you they can.I was told if you drove safe you would pass but I feel that most people fail for petty mistakes .That mean more lessons for your instuctor and more tests for your local centre!Must admit feel the whole setup is a complete swizz!
hi reg did you pass on the 5th test i wet for it on the 16th feb this my second time and failed feel like giveing up but i wont my
i have my test 2mo at wastead and i jus wantead to know if anyone has any warnings or anything about that test centre i am really nervous and i dont feel like i'm ready now but my instructor said i am if i concentrate so i guess i'll see the results 2mo
Hi everyone. I PASSED FIRST TIME- WITH 3 MINORS!!!!!! wahey......if anyone wants to ask me anything feel free to leave a note...but i will say 3 things....practice, practice, practice...If u do not feel ready , do not do it.....if u are overly nervous - that means you are not confident...and we all know what that means!- your not ready!! (yes its a vicious circle). i did my test on feb 24th- pancake day -(no- my examiner was not a 'tossser' (lol) @ 10.14 am. :)
I'm gutted, cause I failed my 2nd test yesterday! Had my 1st test on 10th Feb. Failed with 2 majors because of speed (which was actually under the speed limit). But the examiner said I have to drive MUCH slower when approaching oncoming vehicles with parked cars all over the place. Fait enough. Yesterday I failed with 6 minors and 1 major when doing left reverse round the corner. Did it very good but examiner said I didn't observe enough! Idiot! It was on estate anyway with a few cars around only!!! So annoying!!! Booked for my 3rd test in the mid of April. It was actually very tempting to book in 2 weeks time, as I did with my 2nd test, cause a lot of people cancel their tests and you can get their slot. But I just thought I would give it a break for a month and start with a few more driving lessons on 1st of April. The most irritating thing is tht I've already spent about £1,500 on driving lessons, as I'm sure many others did. But it just feels so bloody awful when you know you can drive and your examiner fails you. Basicaly you can pass if you feel you can drive and your instructor said so. But also it depends on your examiner and whether luck was on your side that day! See what happens in a month and a half ;-)))!
Hey guys. Have failed two tests so far, first opne 1 major, 4 minors. I emerged from a junction when it was perfectly safe, however some stupid blue car came speedin down the right hand lane (was a two way street) causing the examiner to use dual controls! The second test had 2 Majors. The first one was when a cyclist was cycling on my left, examiner said to turn left so i waited for the cyclist to pass then turn. Apparently I shud have slowed down as i was putting the cyclist 'under pressure. Other major was forgettin a blindspot after realises i had to quickly change lanes as was instructed to turn right at a one way street junction after being in the left. the worst thing is I did all manouvers with no majors so why I should have to do them again i don't know. Personally i feel they should have our minors and majors on record and the next test focus solely on what you couldn't do last time, rather than do everythign again. You guys agree?
i totally agree matthew, i had my test yesterday and failed! i had 6 minors and 2 serious tho they were petty things in my view, the first one was when i was coming up to a slip road on a dual carriageway ( my driving instructor had never taken me there b4 ) i looked right and saw that i had plenty of time b4 the next car was coming so i built up speed on the slip road and moved over onto the dual carriage way, apparently that was wrong and i should have stopped b4 the slip road waited for no cars n then carried on. the second serious was on a roundabout i was in the left hand lane and when i came off the roundabout i moved into the middle lane then she told me that we were going the next left so i had to move back into the left lane which there was no problem with but apprently that was wrong too! she should have told me we was taking the 1st exit in enough time for me to know to stay in the left lane! bloody bitch! i was soo worried about doing a left hand reverse and parallel park and thats what she asked me to do and i aced it! i got my next test on the 26th of march now and i bet i fucking fail on the parallel park and left hand reverse!!!! i swear they get bonuses for failing u!
I've failed my test more than 5 times now and like most of those answering on the forum have no faith in the DSA any more. I worry that I won't get to pass my test before the wretched theory test comes around again. DSA is about making money and not about licencing you to drive. Lets face it if you don't live in London how on earth are you supposed to live in this country if you can't drive. The average pass rate is around 42% but , I've learnt, changes alot [far too much] depending on where you have to take the test. I reckon that if you not white or not driving an instructors car your chances will be even lower. The pattern is for the instructors to upgrade a minor fault to a serious one and fail you. Because they are judge, jury and executioner there is no arguing with them. I'm worried that complaining will stand against me and just reduce my chances of passing. Each of the examiners have their own foibles. You certainly don't believe that they take any joy from your passing. I think the DSA has begun to think that it is more important than it really is 'as the custodian of road safety'. This is rubbish of course. Actually if it was easier to get licences more drivers would be licensed on the road and have insurance. However it started out DSA is rotten through and through now and all about making money. Why is the pass rate only 42% after all the coaching that people are taking? What would the papers say if only 42% of trained applicants passed their exams? Yes - they would say that there is something really wrong with the system! Are all those expenisve ADI instructors really that poor? When you pass your test complain to everyone you can think of about the inbuilt unfairness of this system. DSA plan to make it even more unfair and expensive in the name of road safety. Call them to account. Don't let them get away with it any more.
Just spent hours reading all those posts!! I started seriously learning how to drive on an intensive course about 2 months ago.(after 2 flase starts when I was 17 and 21). I've done 3 tests in the last month and my boyfrind has done 2 (5 altogether). Needless to say neither of us has passed yet! I would have to say I have a more than sneaking suspicion the tests are rigged! The five tests we have done in the last month all came out with 2 serious faults- very convenient; because one of them was always for something that you would swear on your life didn't happen! I get kept getting minors for observation before signalling! 11 across the 3 tests resulting in a serious for one test. My instructor doesn't understand this- he has been watching my mirror-signal routine since the first test and doesn't understand how I keep getting so many minors. My boyfriend and I both did the test on Saturday and had the same guy who was a joke. He told me to take second left at roundabout, follw the sign for 'name of town', I safely got into middle lane as left lane was for first left, when I got safely on the roundabout I was moseying round, and signalled off to the 2nd left, I then looked at the road sign- it wasn't for the place that he told me to go to- I was already going off safely- I sorta said 'this one??' and he said yes. When we got back to the test centre- he told me that after all this happened that I apparently turned the steering wheel wildly to the right (without looking) and drove into the right hand lane- going round the rouundabout- how is that even possible?! If it was so bad and dramatic- Why did he not give me a dangerous for this maneuver? Of course he had to mark me really harshly on my reverse round a corner giving me another serions so I couldn't argue my case. Later found out he was some guy from a test centre 30 miles away doing overtime- no wonder he didn't know the road signs and then punished me for it! They just make stuff up- I was driving down a hill- straight road in a 30 and my speed was 32! as I spotted it he made a mark on his clipboard and I thought oh no- but I don't know what he was writing at the time-but I didn't get anything for speed. Drove along for ages in the right hand lane when I should have been in left- didn't get anything for that! I don't mind failing for things I actually did but why do they insist on making stuff up! As for the mirrors thing I am seriously contemplating doing audio description of where my eyes are directed, 'Looking in rear mirror now, Looking in left mirror, signalling left etc!!!!!!'
Failed & Furious
Just failed my fourth test today, called my instructor over to hear why and the examiner couldn't even explain why or where she had provided me with a serious fault. I did two tests when I was twenty and can hand on heart say I wasn't ready to drive then and am a much better driver now. My driving instructor drove me back from the centre in shock, said he had never met such a rude and unfriendly examiner - a real people person - not! Don't mind failing if I know why, and the examiner can explain how to improve but when they can't do that you have to question the system!
driving tests suck!
failed my first driving test today.. stalled and apparently 'caused an obstruction' i don't agree that should be a major fault especially when you only have 3 minors.. not a nice feeling failing. i think it should be your driving instructor deciding if you should be allowed to drive indapendantly.. 40minutes is an unfair judgement.. worst driver in the world could have a lucky 40 minutes and pass! its so unfair.
Miss Nubian
I've now failed my test 4 times at the Barking test centre. My last one was with the chief examiner. It was all going really until my parallel park where I was too close to the curb and didn't do enough to correct it. AARGH! When I'm with my instructor I can drive perfectly well, I just fall apart under test conditions. I've now got to wait another 10 working days until I can take another test. I hate the DSA.
Passed my 3rd practical test with 5 minors! 1st test - 1 serious, 1 minor 2nd test - 2 serious, no minors! You just have to remember not to take priority from anyone! that's where i was going wrong, so i stopped pulling out and waited instead, it got me extra minors put i passed! although after all this stress i do think i'm put off driving for life and am dreading driving my car, which is much bigger than my instructors. good luck everyone, you'll get there eventually, even if it doesn't feel like it! xx
Hi everyone. I passed my driving test today in what must have been my 10th time. I failed so many times with 1 serious and only a few minors, which was all down to nerves. It does feel like the end of the world when u fail, but you WILL get there eventually. Its the most amazing feeling when u pass. So good luck to eveyone, it will happen.
DSA - Dirty Scummy Arseholes
Wow, excuse the swearing but its the only ancronym i could think of to express my pure anger and hatred, it is a money spinning orginisation, every few months they put the prices up and know that us *the Learners that want to drive will pay every time. They hope that we fail, money in the bank, forgot your counterpart license for you theory? thats £31 in their back pockets, no refund......, ok so what solutions do you have, can i set my theory for another date using the money i have already paid?.......ehhhh no we will take that off you, you will have to pay again (theft). notice how the theory itself is getting alot harder, sure common knowledge but the number of questions keeps bumping up and then of course you have the practical, for all those who know you can drive and keep getting failed because of other peoples mistakes on the road, they dont care if you were doing it out of safety, protest all you want but pricks have rubber ears and wont hear you. It makes me Physically sick that we are all getting bent over the dsa's boardroom table and being shafted out of our hard earned cash for something we are more than capable of doing. I dont think it should be up to another human being who may fail you because HE has had a bad day, the testing itself should be updated, not the price. (*note to DSA - Take your fingers out your money jars and start testing us properly, you have more than enough of our money to do it.) I am driving now, passed 2nd time when i should have passed the first - i even felt i had done worse 2nd time round which i was surprised about. I failed first time for not giving way on an empty roundabout, i slowed down but continued on as no traffic was to be seen, that plus 3 minors saw me fail which i think is mental. Best thing to do is be a brown nosed two faced human being for 40 minutes. Suck up to him/her, hope they like you and then just drive carefully and slowly and then you can stick your fingers up at them all when you pass your test. GOOD LUCK TO ALL OF YOU!! I FEEL YOUR PAIN!!
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ok.... really now failed second time and dis time i actually thought i passed. the examiner was quite friendly although i tink he was a bit too friendly.. ok so he tells me to turn right.. mean while he knows i have to overtake a bus.. so i over take den he is like right right... stop gear 1 cuz it was a busy road.. rain falls down ave to adjust windscreens den approach junction stalled but got it working again den cars rolls back..chaos... but he sed dats fine keep driving.. now he tells me it was not the fact that i stalled but the fact the car rolled back a little which is understandable.. but what i do not get is he knew i had to overtake the bus .. does not tell me to turn right till i ave passed my reference point ...then he tells me when i am adjusting by windscreen.. now plz as a examiner are dey not suppose to give u good notice in time not while you are doing something??? well 6 minors improved from my 9 minors b4.. driver instructor says am a good driver.. just need to prove it to them but yh i agreee how can you judge sum1's driving in 4o mins.. gosh man give us some credit and not to forget the huge pressure we ave .. really gutted doe cuz everything went wel.. oh welz test number 3 coming right up.. wish me luck and GOOD LUCK 2 every1 we will get there in end and do not give up.. you know normal drivers am sure not every single one of dem passed on der 1st time... and one last thing DO NOT COMPARE YOURSELF TO OTHER PPL .. DO WAT YOU HAVE TO DO !!!!
Failed my third test today, 3 Minors, was driving at the side of bus lane, bus lane ended so I went into left lane, I never indicated, I checked my mirrors, but I get a serious fault, annoying me really bad, I always get 3 Minors, when will I pass? I always think I have passed, but then the examiner says, I am sorry but you have failed :(
sadaf khan
i failed my test 2day im ssooooooooo pisedd feel like cryin been waitin 4 this 4 aggezzzzzzzzzz!!!! cuz of sum cow on t junction!!!! arrrhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh maaaannn n now i book,ed it n i hav 2 wait another 2 mointhhhss!!!!!!!!!!!! in hendon!! dnt kwn wah 2 do man iv spent so much money on my lessons and i cant afford ne mre!! aahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh takes da pisss
jasmine 19
This was my third test and I was sooo happy that I finally passed. All of my tests have been frustrating: in the first one i failed because i was slightly over the speed limit for a few seconds, in the second one a van flashed its lights at me and i hesitated (thinking that if i moved and the van moved even slightly i would fail) so the examiner said i should go and so i failed, this one it was pouring with rain, the roads were flooded and there was loads of traffic but despite everything i passed and was over the moon. The worst thing i think is when you get a chatty examiner. My advice would be 'detach and focus'. The relief once you have passed is immense! GOOD LUCK
Just failed my 2nd test today!! Manoeuvres were spot on perfect, no trouble there at all. The reason I failed?? Because I turned into an uphil junction in the wrong gear, the car stalled, and because a car coming up behind me had to stop while I restarted the car, she failed me. Yes, I was in the wrong gear, I was in 3rd, the car jumped a little, so I went to press the clutch down but wasnt quite quick enough and the car stalled. It was raining so the road was wet. Not an excuse for stalling but an explanation as to the weather conditions. Surely for failing me because of a car behind me having to stop, the DSA should now fail everyone if the stall with traffic behind them. The guy behind me stopped about 2 foot behind me. Now, my instructor has always told me not to worry if I stall, just don't panic, handbrake, neutral and restart the car, making sure to move off safely, which I did. But she still failed me. My arguement is this, if the guy had hit me then any insurance company would have deemed him as liable. I didnt roll back, and I was only travelling at about 15 mph at the time of the stall. If there hadnt been anyone behind me I would of passed, but because a following vehicle had to brake, I failed. Not sure when I will be able to afford to retake the test, gonna have to wait and see, especially seeing as hubby has no holiday left this year and I have 3 kids.
i went 4 my driving test today and it was going really well i was so confident that i had passed when i got back to the test centre i was told i had failed and i asked what for and the examiner told me it was because i stalled the car..i always thought u could only pick up a minor for stalling the car and a serious if u done it more than 3 times i was in 1st gear about 2 take off didnt get my bite and it stalled i stayed calm done the handbrake went out of gear done all my checks and went on with no problems how can they seriously fail me because of that and during the whole test i had only picked up 6 minors
I'm taking my practical test in Croydon/South Norwood centre in a couple of weeks on a second attempt. Can anyone on this forum please recommend a good driving instructor for me, s/he must be someone who has been or still an examiner with DSA and can expose me to the real demands of passing the test because I don't want to fail again. My former instructor sucked the confidence out of me and doesn't seem to know the test rules as he kept giving me mixed signals on the dos and don'ts and spending over 40mins of each instruction time chatting away on the phone or just talking about what was irrelevant to the lesson. So much rip-off out there. Please mail details to me at seanbriggit@yahoo.com.
Hi there, I failed my driving test today, 2nd attempted. 1st time i failed i got an observation fault on a roundabout right at the very end because a car came from no where and pulled out in front of me and i had to brake. Only got 1 minor on that test. Today i got 5 minors and 2 serious faults. One serious for clipping kerb when doing my parallel park and second because i didnt stop far enough back at some temporary traffic lights!!! I stopped just passed the red sign. Honestly just feel like giving up.
john silbergh
failed my driving test twice 1st time i hit the pavement during a reverse behind parked car and second time i pulled out in front of a oncoming vehicle. going to be sitting my third test in august but feel like i am never going to pass.
Think there's no quota's well think again,and take it from someone that's been doing the driving instructor's course. And want to talk about getting fleeced for money try doing this shit,watch as your very experienced tutor takes you through the ADI part 3 waffle but fails to get you to practice the parallel park routine on the car they actually use for the part 3 tests which sits at an angle facing the wrong way. How do i know that well because i got the same PST (pre set test) twice in a row no.6 ped crossings followed by parallel park on a phase 2,same car parked squint facing the wrong direction what a f***ing coincedence to top it off on my next lesson again went by it there's some poor bar steward from BSM getting it when I mentioned this to her the silence spoke volumes. Not interested in your companies franchise NOT TOLD EVERYTHING mmmmmnice one. Anyhoo what I was told was that yes there are quota's every Driving Centre has a pass rate whether that's going to be 29% or 40% they will go by the pass rate for their own centre so if you unfortunately have a very low pass rate at yours good bloody luck. I also read recently (on an ADI forum) some instructors discussing that they feel if a pupil does the test in their own car that they get a slightly different i.e easier route than a driving school car primarily because of the lack of dual controls,whether that's true or not I don't know but they seem convinced. So try booking in the first half of the month certainly the earlier part of the week Mon to Wed then you may scrape through just because they have to keep their passes down. And if your having trouble with your instructor i.e can't teach you left reverse or P.Park never take you anywhere alway's yapping well change em there's thousands of driving instructor's . Anyone that has you doing a p.park or a left reverse whatever more than about 4 times in a row ditch em,theres an instructor near me that I personally saw one day doing the left reverse round a corner going uphill into a small road of a busy housing estate with a big yellow grit bin on the corner and a six foot wall 18 times I kid you not I was raging just watching it,you are learners I would never let someone do a L.Reverse round there all that does is give you a sore head and neck and affect your confidence. But then that would be your fault more lessons ahem ahem. All test routes are on the dsa government sites for your test centre you can look them up,and remember most importantly Blind spots,progress i.e 30 do 30,get reference points for your manouveres (instructor doesn't do ref points ditch em) they want a good drive be confident and above all else MIRRORS. Good luck guys and you'll need it for they're changing the test again in 2010.
Rose Hudson
Failed my 2nd test today - absolutely guuted and felt like the worst driver in the whole world. However after looking at some of these posts just highlighted that it is a tough test and as well as a good and careful driver you do need to have some luck on your side also.
Greg says
I passed 1st time! :)...dunno what your lots problem is!
Learners Test
It's important to get rid of all your test nerves, be prepared, once you get in the car, dont feel rushed, make sure you get everything set up how you need it to be before starting the car.
Learners test
In Australia we sit a theory exam, we hold this L Plate licence for 12 months before we can do an actual driving test. Takes ages to get your licence here.
I just failed my 4th time, a few hours ago. Wasnt even really my fault. My examiners exact words 'That was an amazing drive, I am actually really impressed... But im going to fail you' FFS. I had 0 Minors. Did everything perfect. He failed me over some jackass going over the speed limit... literally. He told me to do an emergency stop, and I did it fine. He then asked me to pull away, I checked my rear mirror and saw a guy miles away. So I put the car into first gear and rev'd it up so I could go after him. As he approached I started to accelerate slowly (I wasnt even doing over 5m/h) but still waiting to see what he was going to do, and the guy behind me (doing 70 on a 30 road) zooms past me overtaking. The examiner failed me because he said I shouldnt have moved the car because It could of caused an accident. The guy overtaking me wasnt even in my lane, so no hazard would of happened at all. Bunch of leeches, thats what they are. Next time they will fail me because Im tall, or something stupid like that. Gutted.
i got one thursday, please pray for me, thank ya'll
Failed my 1st test today. 2 minors, 1 major. My major was for apparently being 'too close to the middle of the road' on a country lane. Absolutely gutted, I feel like these 'tests' are fixed.
Arg, so pissed. I failed my first test today with only 5 minors but 2 majors! My majors were for; Coming to a set of traffic lights that were on a slight hill and they changed to red so i slowed down and checked behind me, changed from 3rd to 2nd gear and then out of nowhere the lights changed back to green so i sped up a little but the car was struggling to reach 20 mph in a 30 mph zone because of the hill so i changed to 2nd and then to 1st to give me more power but my examiner said the lady behind had to break suddenly! This is not true as i checked behind as i slowed and she was so old she should not even be driving! And the over one was for driving too fast down a long road that has newley laid gravel. I have seriously lost respect for the dsa. The price is completely wrong for a start and to fail us on pathetic things, there are idiots out there who just pull out in front of you and who go 60 mph on a 30 mph zone! As for the gravel road thing, there was no body coming towards me, about 4 cars right up my arse and another one going about 50mph! Arg angry isnt the word! Another one booked for may 27th but im looking for a cancellation! Ahwell, 2nd time lucky <3
I took my second Test today, 1st fail was nerves, 2 serious faults 5 minors. This time, 2 minors, I knew I'd passed. less than 2 mins from the test centre and some Twat jumped a red light as I was turning right and my examiner failed me, because I should have assessed he was not going to stop EVEN THOUGH he has slowed down....... SO even though I had started to break, he felt it wasn't quick enough and braked so hard he nearly sent me through the windscreen. He was not a bad examiner but I'm sure the DSA are a bunch of crooks, I'm seriously feeling the love for all the poor bastards who get fed up with it and just drive without being licensed. I mean come on - How is it even fair? I am a good safe driver. The worst of it is when this twat in the car went passed me he grinned and winked at the examiner - so even though it was a deliberate act, he still failed me. If my examiner is reading this - I think it was unfair and poor judgment on your part, you should be ashamed - one day when the DSA is privatised and is paid on passing the people who use it - you will all be out of work and when you have a cardboard plaque saying 'please give generously' I will ensure that, and this is because you were a niceish human, I aim my kick for a nice clean vasectomy, without too much scarring. xxx
first test today.nervous as hell.nearly same story guy came out of a junction wouldnt stop so examiner slammed the brakes on even tho i was slowing down.rip off bastards u fuckn take enough money off us then blame us for other people get a life dickheads.
I failed my test the second time on the new independant rules, how did i fail, getting in a wrong lane at a round-a-bout. i did notice this but it was a bit late so insted of cutting the person up on the inside lane i took the next exit and turned around went the right way. I was told this is possible to do this and if you went the wrong way you wouldnt fail so i was not worried. It was only when i got back to the test centre i was told i had failed gutted. I failed due to using wrong lane!!!!!! The funniest thing was he gave me a eco leaflet and said next time you make a journey plan it well so you dont use as much fuel..........Well if i could of planed that journey i would not of failed lol got to laugh or i'll cry
You need to relax a bit more and don't be to nervous about your test, and you will see you'll pass. It's easy if you keep cool
mock driving test
If someone flashes their lights at you do not ignore them and do not just go. Let the flash of? lights draw your attention to then and then assess what they mean are they looking at you are they slowing down etc.
As new driver, of course you have to be more careful on the road while you are driving on the road. As new driver i have learnt lots of things online, which I would like to share link with you http://free-theory-test.addbucket.com. Have safe driving and god bless you.
I passed my driving test on the fourth attempt and I know how difficult it is to go through this time and time again and the confidence it knocks out of you. But if I can pass on the two things that helped me, hopefully I can help someone to get through this... Firstly I downoaded Paul McKennas, confidence while driving hypnotherapy and listened to it each night as I fell asleep (which I will definitley say helps, I have been driving 5 months now, after passing my test and the confidence-not cockiness-still stays with me) Secondly, when I was mid taking lessons, i bought myself a car, I only spent about £800 on it, but it was just for my first car and it was a ford focus, so a great car to drive, but anyway, about a month before taking test no. 4, I stopped taking lessons and used my own car--constantly for 2 weeks--and I had my mam with me as the experienced driver. And I have to say you definitley gain a whole new confidence when driving, when you dont have an instructor watching and scrutinising every move and you get to put into practise all the skills and knowledge you gained through the lessons!! Even when I was taking test no.4, my instructor said afterwards, that 'he was very impressed with my driving, and I came across as a very experienced driver who had been driving for years'. Although the nerves were still with me, in hindsight, I knew in my heart I could drive and it was just up to me to prove to the tester that I could do it, after all I had put A LOT of money into it!! I hope this helps...
Driving school solihull
Good day! Driving is not an easy thing to do. Physical and mental aspects and skills are important. Focus is the key to make it through. That is for my own opinion. Thank you!
jamil rashid
i have been driving for about 20 years, never had any accident hold international driving licence, passed my theory test first time, i thought would have passed my practical test the first time, but still took couple of lessons in case and at my practical, here you go DSA examiner was so cold and in my independent driving he showed me a diagram, but i did not know the area that well i got confused i positioned to the left but i asked him he did not even answer then i took the gamble and straight remembered i got to take the 3rd exit, because i was at that lane it was impossible to take the right turning but no cars were coming i took the 3rd turning then everything went cool my driving normal,he knew i am a good driver but tried to make it difficult and took me through strange roads of luton but he still failed me, i think he was taking his job too seriously, and forgatten a human factor, so personality matters if they want they can make your life easy, but this man was difficult one, my instructor said he is the most difficult examiner you see in luton, so mr m haywards. is not a easy one to pass you, examiners can be power fricks if they want you need support from a good instructors, also more money for DSA to fail you. theory test is fair computerized but practical test is not fair at all.
Driving Instructor
Keep trying and you will eventually pass your driving test. Practice the things you find difficult and focus in on those. You will pass eventually Paul from AutoDrive http://ww.auto-drive-som.co.uk
Andrew Davis
I passed mine a long time ago, second attempt, altough I had driven in 3 different countires with 11 years driving experience. ( and I can bet the examiner has never been outside his town). I do beleive that the UK practical test is a scam. The more you fail the more you pay DVLA...helps them fund themselves. If they pass too many people, there won't be enough work to justify all the examiners. Instructors and examiners are often friends and a wink and nod is common....more work for the instructor and so on. This is not JUST my own experience but many have felt the same way.
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Start your test preparation by first reading the manual correctly.This will help you to get more idea and will also help you to remember all the important details,once you begin your study!
Stop moaning people, perhaps the real reason you guys failed is because YOU where a crap driver on your test. Blame yourself, not the examiners. As for the international licence guy, just goes to show it means jack! If you could drive you would of passed!!