Aims for 2005 - How did I do?

Back in January I posted up the following aims for the year. I decided I might achive some aims rather than fail at new years resolutions.

1. Pass my driving test
2. Get my degree in Electronics & Communications Systems Engineering
3. Reduce my mass
4. Get a Job
5. Build a new PC
6. Post more on the site
7. Get out more

So how did it go?

It’s all gone quite well, I passed my driving test (5th time) and now have a bright red Toyota Yaris. I graduated from university with a 2:1. Since October I have been cutting back on the alcohol and snacks and have lost 2 stone in weight, some of which has gone back on due to Christmas but I’m still down on what I was. I failed to get a full time job, but did manage a Christmas temp postition at Comet, a local electrical goods retailer. Building a new PC has been held up due to lack of funding, but thats the only reason. Posting more on the site, ok ok, I probably failed on that aim. Getting out more, again not a huge success but I have made an effort to go out for a drink every now and again.

In conclusion the only failures were not getting a fulltime job, building a new pc and posting more on the site. I don’t think I have done bad. If I can manage the same percentage of aims in 2006 I’ll be happy.