What Next?

I have sucessfully achived my recent goal of watching the entire 7 series of Stargate SG-1 in order. Its taken a few months of watching but its finally done. The problem is now what do I watch?? Season 8 is still filming and its not going to be easy to get hold of until late in the year.

The last episode of a show is like loosing a good friend. I remember back to the last episode of Buffy, I wanted it to continue. But alas its no more. Farscape was the worst. It ended on a cliffhanger, the episode even said to be continued. But the studios wouldnt make a final series. Atleast on that front there might be a mini-series to tie up the loose ends.

Should the next goal be season 3 of 24, Babylon 5, Battlestar Galactica - Mini Series??

Not having a sci-fi fix might result in me getting a life (shudders at the thought). Any recommendations from anybody as to what i waste my time watching now?

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I've already told you sucka :mad:
I know you did, but other people are free to offer me their wise words too.