What Can I Eat????

I was reading the paper today. I was greeted by yet another article telling what I couldn’t eat. Nothing is good to eat anymore. Everything has a level of something that will do me harm. Why do manufacturers have to get rid of supersized products. I’m not the smallest person and consume more than the average person. Sure if I ate supersized meals every day it wouldn’t do me anygood. But I don’t. I might fancy a Mars bar, ” A Mars a day helps you work, rest and play”. It doesn’t anymore, it’s smaller. There will be no king size, you’ll have to buy 2. Notice how the slogan advertised only 1 Mars bar a day. Everything is ok to eat so long as it is in moderation.

What I have been noticing is that “Fat Free, Low Fat etc” products are worse for you than the ordinary version. As soon as you try to remove somthing you have to replace it with something else. The replacement is some nicely refined chemical product. My view is eat everything in moderation, stay clear of “healthy products” with lower levels of something and don’t read the news (it will only depress you).