The WeatherΒΆ

What has happened to the weather today?? The forcast predicted highs of 22C and bright sunshine. From my windows the day has been overcast and not been excessively warm.

I know weather is based on predictions, but the more tech they use the worse the predictions get. Sure we want to know if the weather will be nice in a weeks time, so we can make plans. What I would like more is to know accurately what the weather is doing the next day.

If I had looked at the forecast this morning I might have thought I could go out without a jacket and my sunglasses on. Instead a warm coat would have been a better choice.

I need to get a barometer and a pine cone. Might be more accurate.

Hey Matt! Greetings again from Liverpool, (well @ work in Leyland actually) as far as the weather goes, the tech used can only predict waether on the facts that the trend will be followed, this of course is not the case as there are fluctuations in the weather system due to global warming etc. The predictions they make are correct if the weather was to follow the trend.