Space - I Need More

Space, not the final frontier this time, but rather the lack of. Books, CD’s and computers tend to take up rather alot of space. I had moved my study material into my sisters vacant room. Great I thought. A nice clear work area, away from the distraction of the internet. It was beginning to shape up nicely. Then comes the news that its going to be decorated. So I wind up with 20 folders, numerous books and a huge stack of papers in my room. Where do I put them?? “Have some more shelves” mother insists. This is not an option as a shelving system would make my room (already the smallest bedroom) more enclosed. Enclosed spaces affect my state of well being. I’m just going to ave to live in my clutter.

This is why I want to invest in a 19” rack and rack mount all my pcs. That would save a bit of space. Problem is finance. Racks and rackmount cases cost a fair bit. The only other option is to get a good job and a big house.