She Has Gone :)

Somethings happen that make you realise there is still hope for society. One of these things happened today. Big Brother evicted Kitten. No nominations, no public votes, just an eviction.

If only people could just “do the right thing” without being motivated by another agenda then the world would be a better place.

Brian the pig
I cant believe how bad that Big Brother thing really is, if there were fit-birds pillow fighting in bikinis getting all worked up and having to shower togethor, then it would be far more engrossing. Sadly we are stuck with a set of fags, lesbos, asylum seekers and ugly women. I will not be wasting time on thi shite. xxxx
I have to say I agree with what your saying. I dont want to have to watch guys rubbing moisturiser on each other or licking chocolate spread of each others ass cheeks. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for a replacement for kitten. Hopefully a nice fit bird in a bikini who likes to pilow fight.