Phones, Problems Continue

Just when I thought phones couldn’t make life any more difficult they do. They just keep pushing the boundries. This evening the phone rang. Nothing unusual about that. It’s what they do. If it did any more I’d be surprised. On the other end was my grandmother. Nothing unusual about that you might think. Wrong. “Why wrong?”, I hear you ask. Well this particular grandmother doesnt have a phone. Due to the fact she doesnt have a house anymore. She is resident in a nursing home and to my knowledge didn’t have use of a phone. From what I understand she wants out of the place. The problem is she can’t go. She needs the care.

A typical visit, friendly at first, eventually turns into conversation about her leaving the place. In addition the moaning about how nobody cares about her being there is geting tiresome. She gets visited daily by my dad. I visit once a week since I moved back home. I guess i’ll just have to wait and see how things pan out.