NTL To Supercharge Broadband

Early in 2005 NTL are going to speed up broadband connections yet again. 300k becomes 1Mb, 750k becomes 2Mb and 1.5Mb becomes 3Mb. All of these are at the current price of the slower speed plus a one off £25 administration charge for the upgrade.

The news was reported in an article on The Register.co.uk

This is good news. It also means the gap between cable and adsl speeds dramatically increases. I for one will be paying my £25.

Steven Hawking
I've got 1mb for £29:99 :D:D:D:D Would you like me to write a book on how the internet works? I can if you like, it's not like I have much to do these days, I can't really go out and play footy with the lads or get rat-arsed and watch porn all night......!
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