My Life In Pointless Detail

I was informed today that I have not put across my opions of a few things for quite some time. So here goes.

This morning followed a bad night. The air, lacking in its usual moisture content, rendering my thoat partially inoperable. Coughing up the buildup of mucus that had accumulated overnight, I proceeded to the bus. I noticed that the patch of mucus deposited on the street on Monday was still refusing to die.

The bus stop was busy with the college students. I’m sure they must be art or multimedia, very little sense eminates from their direction. The bus driver must have been having a bad day. I asked for my supersaver ticket, due to my planned afternoon return. I was informed that this could not be issued at that time in the morning and I would need a different fare. I paid up anyway. No point in arguing over a bus fare. I checked my ticket to find this new ticket was 50p cheaper than the one I had planned to buy. Trent Barton could have had another 50p out of me. Whats going on?? In this day and age companies should be making money every way they can, not giving cheap fares away.

The rest of the journey was uneventful. That was apart from a diverted route due to a car accident.

Breakfast at Uni was let down by the fact they egg had been under the heat lamp for too long and had solidified. The tomatoes could have been a bit warmer too. Meeting with Tom Stait (miserable git who is never up for a night out) solved a problem regarding voltage protection for microprocessors.

What followed was 3 hours of sometimes boring, mind destroying yet inspirational lectures. I left with a feeling that I still don’t have the faintest clue what is needed for the assignment for it.

Lunch went as well as breakfast. Upon asking for a cheese burger I got one minus cheese. Really for the ammount i spend on food in that place they could atleast get my order right. The only positive event to occur at lunch was the rather shapely female sitting across the room. Now she could fill out a pair of jeans perfectly. It was during this observation that myself and Will Jagger lost track of the conversation we were having to concentrate on the more important things. Will was lucky enough to see the denim clad rear in all its glory as its owner bent over to retirve something from the floor. Myself situated round a corner missed said action. The aforementioned denim did slip slightly to reveal a green thong. Will was forced to shut his mouth at this point as the dripping of his drool on the metal table was disturbing the other diners. The conversation kind of continued, occasional pauses were needed to admire the perfect arse. We even established that her face looked nice, which was a bonus.

The library was the next port of call. I needed to partake in some research. The library good for the two B’s, Books & Birds. The library was too warm for my liking. I stood their sweating whilst my head was burried in a book on various networking protocol. My research lead me to take one of the hugest most weighty volumes home. It’s vast mass straining the stap of my bag.

The journey home and the rest of the evening was normal. Nothing special to report on that. Although I can probably waffle on about it long enough that you might think something did. But no, not this time.