I Blew Up The Iron :(

It was an unusual day as Tom (my housemate) had decided to use the iron. We never use the iron, its too complicated. After leaving the iron on for 30 mins it still wasnt getting warm. Tom told me this so I decided to check it out. It had water in, everything looked ok except the light wasn’t on. I thought it best to try and change the heat setting as some irons also use this as an on off switch. It was at this point as i held it in my hands, that there was an electric blue flash and a loud bang. I dropped the thing back down onto the tumble dryer where it had been sitting. Its now left a nice little brown mark where the spark earthed itself. Thankfully I’m still allive. It just leaves the explaining to the landlord on how we have blown up one of her electrical items.

I’ve only ever blown up an electric whisk before now and that continued to work. I fear the iron to be dead though :(.

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Woah if you go on google, and put in 'Ilkeston Titch' then you get loads of posts on here!!! Give us an option to make our own topics Tunk, you'll find much more to talk about then. Also if you put in 'Ilkeston Slags' you find an old reply of mine about niggers shagging easy slags to bring up some future thieves etc...
Good old Google, always finds quality. I'm still looking into the shoutbox. I have an updated version of the previous one which has the security bug fix. I just need to make it look nice and I'll add it to the site.
Hey! Greetings from Liverpool, Trust you to blow up another electrical item Matt! Next will be the battery powered Butt Plug u have - oh, wasnt supposed 2 mention that!
It would explain why he hasn't updated his site for a while, have you ever tried to type standing up? Tricky stuff.
It's not been the best week for posting. I was busy working over the weekend and have been trying to chillout this week. Add to that I made a Birthday cake for Kasia at work and I've not really sat down at the computer. I'll try my best to get a few things up over the weekend. I have a few snaps of last weekend I could put up.
and where was my birthday cake tunky hope you didnt send it to greece.