How Long Does It Take To Get A Curry?

I decided lastnight to order a curryfrom the Shah Jahan in Ilkeston. I placed my order about 6:45pm. ‘The order should be with you in about an hour sir’, a futhur two phone calls of, ‘it will be there in 15 minutes’, it finally arrived at 9pm.

If it wasnt such good curry I would have been more upset. Two hours to get a curry is still pretty poor though.

Jack Bauer
I agree with you 100%. The question is though do u order from them again?
Well due to the quality of the curry it has to be a yes. The point to consider is wether to have it delivered or collect it. Last night we had to have a delivery as circumstances meant a collection wasnt possible. A collection can require a few extra minutes to be ready from the time you wish to collect. But then again we did save 10p due to the driver having no change. This means that haveing a delivery an hour and a half late we saved £0.000018519 per second it was late. At this rate, if the curry was 8.75 days late it would have paid for itself (Based on a £14 curry). Any later and your into the big money.