Evil Call Centers & Recorded Messages

That’s it, I’ve had enough. It used to be people calling up selling things from time to time. They used to be irritating, but atleast you could tell somebody to get lost. You’d feel a little better afterwards. These days we get 4+ calls a day per phone line. If you have two lines your getting 8+ calls per day. What makes things worse is that there is not always somebody to shout at. The call centers auto dial a bunch of people. The one who picks up first gets to shout at a person. The rest get silence and hung up on. Frustrating isnt it. The other variety are the recorded mesages telling you that you have won something, or selling the latest deal. They make you want to tear you hair out. This week in particular an irritating banking call center has wanted to speak to a member of my family. But won’t tell you anything until you start giving out personal details. Hmm suspicious.

Tonight however they went too far. I heard the phone ring, 8:40pm. I was expecting a call anyway. I rushed upstairs and answered the phone. I was spoken to by a nice electronic voice. “I’m sorry this call was not meant for you. It was meant for an answering machine….”. They aren’t even calling me any more, they are calling answering machines. WHY??? is the answering machine going to be able to sign me up bargain offer? Is there some new law where my electronic good have more rights that I do? (I’m a white male in the UK so a toaster proably does have more rights). I’m seriously pissed off. Spam in my inbox bothers me, but I can filter it. It has a minimal effect on my daily business. If I am trying to concentrate on an essay, a project or an important moan online, I don’t want to be disturbed by pointless phone calls.

Dailup net access had it right, use your phone line so nobody else can call you. Text Messages aren’t much better. I signed up for email alerts online for one site. This week i suddenly start getting text messages costing me 25p a time. It then cost me another 25p to unsubscribe. This is £1 that I have been forced to pay to stop being bothered.

Technology can be good for people. But every good communication system has been exploited. It’s about time for a crack down. Online the readers of slashdot can overload a websites server by all visiting it at once. Let’s make all these call centers reveal their number. Let’s call them back. Make them pay for our call. Let’s see how many keep phoning.

I’m pissed off with it all.

Good call on the white male having no rights my friend, sad but true. A straight white male has the least rights to anything in the UK, it's fucking shocking.