The news of late has been discussing educational coursework. Apparently the middle class children have more of an advantage over others as they have access to the internet and help from family members. Firstly internet access is available in educational establishments for research purposes for those who may not have the facility at home. Family members helping is mainly to help the child understand the subject better. So this produces better work. The parent has not done the work, the child has used another resource to expand their own knowledge.

But government want less focus on coursework and more on examinations. I for one hate examinations. I am better at coursework. In the real world most people are not going to be stuck with just a calculator and a bit of paper to solve a problem. Give me a book to check my knowledge against and I can solve the problem. It is better to take more time to get the right answer than to make a mistake which will need correcting. I can’t have everything in my head every minute of the day. The only reason people can do the exam is because they have focused on it for weeks and thats all they can think about for a few days. But after that time most of it is lost. I have more things to think about than a few random equations that I may never use again.

But people can cheat at coursework. So they are cheating themselves. It may give them better grades but in the long run doesnt do them any favors. Thats what the problem is. The few who cheat and mess up the system for everybody else. Don’t change the system, just monitor the performance of the student in different ways. Talk to the student about the subject. You will quickly get to know those who have cheated and those who have not by their answers.

The govenrnment has messed up education as it is. It’s about time they left it alone for a bit and resolved the current problems they have caused.