Company System Administrators Are Gimps

My PC was taken away from me at work Friday morning for an upgrade. I was told it would be back later that day. It finally arrived back this morning about 11am.

They installed windows xp for me, got my emails on ok. However they managed to fudgeup the entire office install. I cant double click a document to open it without it giving me errors. I can however open the program and then open the document.

The last time I asked them for a disc for Office to put on an exhibition PC they presented me with a step by step installation manual about 20-30 sheets thick. All I needed from that was the serial number. They are only any help in fixing problems as they have the password to let the settings be changed. I can fix it if they would let me.

I’ve a good mind to hack the passwords on the thing now. I’m on a list with a 5-day turn around for this office bug. If i had the disc I could do it in 5 mins. I’ve a good mind to take my copy in tomorrow and fix it.

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