Big Brother UKΒΆ

Well its that time of year again. Big Brother kicked off for a 2.5 month stint of corrupting the mind of a nation. Sadly I have to admit that I watched a bit and am now hooked already. I have been watching alternate series since it began and I was due to watch this one any way. After seeing the individuals getting called into the diary room for the first time I knew this would be something worth watching. Never before have I seen such an odd bunch of people. How they have managed to get so far in life is beyond me. The vast majority had to have a second explanation as to why they were nominating a person not to recieve their suitcase.

The only plus side is that I dont have E4. This means I wont be compelled to watch them sit around doing nothing all day, just the juicy highlights for me :).

david mulligan
big brother was fantastic this year as pete was really good at it this year
The right person won is all I can say. I just found the whole of BB 2006 rather disapointing. If it returns in 2007, I hope they have a better set of housemates and tasks.