Williams F1

Today I went for my interview at Williams F1. On arrival at the facility I was amazed at how big it was in comparrison with the rest of Grove where it it located. In actual fact Willams F1 looked to be most of Grove. The car park was wonderful and lined with trees and shrubs which complemented the new gravel surrounded building. Inside was a marble floor. I sat upon a sofa and read one of numerous copies of the history of Williams scattered about. The glass foyer looked out onto a tidy shaped gravel courtyard with stunning flower beds. My interview went quite well I thought. Ian Cartwright (Electrical Technician) who interviewed me was a very pleasant and likable chap. Then came the exciting bit, a look round the facilities. I saw the stripped race cars from Sunday, now just a carbon fiber shell. Its engine by its side looking rather on the small side. Next I saw the milling machines which make the gearbox parts and the room where they put together the carbon fiber parts. The smaller rooms contained systems for processing the datalogging devices with all the data from the race. The steering wheel underconstruction was a marvel of wires and a chunk of carbon fiber. It was an undescribable experience for me. Even if I dont get the job it was worth going for a look round and seeing behind the scenes. Today I am a Happy Bunny. 😁️