What Money??

I heard in the news today that Mr Blair had said that money would be made available for rebuilding Iraq. Wait a moment, where is this money coming from???

As far as most of this country is aware alot of public services are under funded. If funds are that tight where are you going to get the cash from? I’ll tell you, the Asylumn Seeker Fund. No matter how bad things get, we always seem to have enough cash to spend on a new center for them and to put them up in living conditions which are better than that of some native brits. But Mr Blair, why can’t Britan have some of this money? You have taken it from us in taxes why not let us have it back. If you don’t go and destroy Iraq you wont have to rebuild it.

The only thing war in Iraq is going todo is increase the threat of terrorism on the British people. So send the Asylumn seeker fund on securing our borders and not throwing it at another country you have spent more money on blowing up.

Racist bigot Is what you would be called if those comments were aired in public, god alone knows why, i totally agree with you, this country is fucked up, and thats painful to say, as a fellow patriotic person. I dont think the problem lies with Blair, i think deep down hes a hardcore racist just like us (Y), only he has to be subtle about it... What i really really dont understand though, is how when David Blunket (the blind fella who has an 'affection' for dogs) suggested that all the pakis and stuff living here needed to learn to speak English to help them integrate into the community (the one that they shouldnt even be in :mad: ) He was slated from all angles for being racist... WTF is racist about that? they want to live here, they abide by our rules, and learn our language... But oh no, they dont want to live here, they want to set up a small version of India here, take over Leicester, and turn it into the town of India, only with the advantage of free health care, a democratic government system (oh... yes, wont be long before all our MPs are bud buds too... all those white liberals demanding that the bud buds should make up a fair representation of MPs, as the population of the country are naive... - (also, whats the problem with people getting jobs on merit? - now that the police have to represent the minorities in the local community [eg, if Ilkeston had 50% black population {lol}, then it would have to have 50% black filth officers... surely this would mean that alot of white people, {obviously} better educated, would miss out on this job, purely because we're 'cursed' with white skin?]) Bung them all on a ship 'heading for hawii' and sink it off the coast of Ireland.
Thats the spirit, show a true opinion. Don't hide you views for fear of being non PC. Delta Nova is a place for true expressions. Nice one Ant.
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