What A Night

The night was warm compared to those of recent weeks. I had my wild circuital looking shirt on. The chaps in the bogs liked it anyway. Either that or they were trying to come on to me (I was having none of that). A good night with bangin’ choones. It was only disrupted slightly by a misunderstanding between Andy and Lisa. I keep telling them there relationship is rock solid. But do they listen, oh no. Michella (i think thats how to spell it) sorry if I offended you. I didn’t mean to say those things. I hope you and Lisa can patch things up again.

These wise (yeah right) words were brought to you by drunk Tunk. 😀️

Well I made it to uni on time. My head is kinda clear. But I am soooo shattered. I will be asleep by the end of the day. Remind me never to drink that much on a week night again.
Tunk dont drink that much again on a week nite.me and andy have decided to forget bout lastnite and get on as good as before,it was all my fault so you dnt have to worry bout anything.am just having a bad time and i cudnt handle things.spk soon. love lisa xxxx