Waste of Time

I was up till the early hours (4:30am) of this morning finishing a report for this afternoon. It was a technical report of my Peak Detection Program for the MC68HC11 Microprocessor. This afternoon I was supposed to demo the program and then discus the report. I had to wait from 2 till 3 until i could demo the program. I then had a scheduled slot of 4pm for a brief discussion. Due to a back log of other students the lecturer was lagging behind. By the time 4:30 came I was still waiting. Mr. Saywell (Yes I am going to name you) then decided he would collect in the remaining reports and go though them in his own time. That meant I had wasted and hour and a half just sitting doing nothing. I was well pissed off.

Then came the journey home. I got to the bus stop and didn’t have to wait long for a bus. All was progressing well until the bus broke down. I was left standing for 40 mins waiting for another bus which wasn’t totally full to turn up. With the rush hour traffic this wasted another hour and a half of my time getting home.

So today I have had 3 hours of my time wasted by lecturers and faulty busses 😈️ I’m not impressed.

Andy P
Tee hee hee, my brother was on the bus that broke down, thats funny :D, he was late for work at Safeway, muhahahaha,