Twas a night of too many vodka shots. After getting seriously tanked up I lost all sense of well being and everybody else. I did fair better than Mr.A.Plumridge who emptied his stomach in the Zanzibar toilets (nice one 😀️). Due to Mr P being carted off home earlier than desired I made my own way back. Note to self, a taxi by ones self can cost one much (£15 in my case).

The night on a whole was enjoyable enough. I applogise to all those who i promised a drink. I will make sure I get you many beverages another time. I was slightly under the weather this morning, also due to the fact the weather kept falling out the sky. Yes, vodka in quantity doesn’t like me. So with my bad head and shattered body I stagged into uni. My advise is you don’t want to end up writing complex VHDL whilst still trying to remember the events of the previous evening. My stomach muscles had also taken a beating due to a fit of hiccups. An affliction that made the consumption of head clearing fluids all the more painful.

I was supposed to be going out tonight, stuff that. It can wait until another week when I’m not so worse for wear.

Rating of the night out 5/10 (plenty of room for improvement on that one)

Heather (the real one)
Well, my taxi cost £17! and that was just paying from Ilkeston to Kimberley! AND this morning at 9am i had to sit through 2 and a half hours of english literature trying to interpret wordsworth's poetry! :|:|:| BUT it was a good night :)
hey tunk sorry i cudnt make it lover(andy p) was upset i didnt go out but i sure made up for it lastnite (thursday).remember we will allgo out for a drink som other time as andy says he wants me to meet all his friends, bless him.