Valentines Day

Once again I wasn’t surprised that no cards were sent to me. Today has been over comercialised by the card and flower companies. Why must people pay over the odds for roses and coloured card. Does anybody consider the real meaning anymore? Its not how much you spend or who gets the biggest card. Its about Love and Feelings between people. Love is not based upon money and money shouldn’t be used to show Love. Its the thought that counts.

I see nothing wrong with people enjoying each others company in public but they don’t need to do it with a huge cuddly toy and enough balloons to get Richard Branson into orbit.

Most of you probably don’t agree with my view, well I’m not bothered.

Nobody Loves Me 😢️

awww tunk...i love you! your cnt think i dnt love you, you'll av to wait till always lisa xxxx
andy p
my poor tunkey baby, if I was at work this weekend I'd have given you some severe bum loving, the one I know you love!! Maybe on Monday night we will be able to slip away for 5 minutes ;-).. XXXXX
Both of you always say the nicest things to me. I think there are a few drinks heading your way.