Today I Lost A Friend

It started off yesterday night as just being depressing me making a comment to Heather and leaving a post on the site. I did it so i could escape and do some work. It progressed into me sending a few tastless text messages to Heather after she wondered where I had gone.

I dont know what made me do it but I decided to turn it into an April Fools prank. It couldnt have backfired more. Sure all the people that Heather had collected during the evening fell for the story at just past 12 this morning that I had in fact slit my wrists open and had been at the hospital for several hours.

My regret is that I offended Heather and I took advantage of her warm and caring personality. I cannot appoligise to her enough for what I did.

Heather, I’m sorry

Join the club mate, that's 3 of us :D
Awww, dont worry about it mate, Heathers a brilliant gal, and im sure she'll find it in her forgiving nature to let it go... :) If not, just black mail her that you will cut you wrists until she forgives you :P * *Just a joke.... thought i better make that clear, so im not misinterpretated... again.
Honest Git
She's clearly been round the block a couple of times ...
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