The Presentation

Today was the day of the presentation of the Electronics Applications Project. It began a cold and miserable morning. The bus driver didn’t help matters by driving right passed the stop i planned to get off at. A bit of a chat with the canteen staff in the basement resulted in a plate of breakfast. It was paid for today using mainly 10p pieces rather than 20p’s of Tuesday. 9am came and wet and there was no response from my group, who were supposed to be meeting me. I finally found them all at 10am as the presentations were about to start.

The presentations were of high quality in general. However my group’s use of power point wasn’t as great as that of others and I ended up doing most of the talking. Barry Patterson and the other lecturers hammered me with questions at the end. Hopefully I came across well.

After all the presentations were done, I thought the whole EA2 saga was over. BUT OH NO!! Richard Germon our supervising pimp said he wanted another demo of what we had done. I don’t know what he expects to see. We showed him how far we had got last time. He is wasting our time. I hate him.😈️

These are just some php scripts I plan on using on the site, I'm putting them here as email is down at uni.