The Past Few Days

I know I haven’t posted over the past few days so I think its time for an update.


Well Saturday was a good day. The lack of supervisors gave me more responsibility and more control over events. What resulted was a very productive day with much stock being shifted. I consumed a huge bowl of ready meal pasta. As nice as it was the sauce did offend the pallet after towards the finish. Manager Mike was overly cheerful as usual. What was unusual is that he didn’t irritate me as much as he sometimes does. John was strangely absent, a bad shoulder? I think not, I think he was ashamed to show his face after I have to correct his mistakes with Andy’s PC.


Sunday was a day of shopping with mother. I was in need of a finely tailored suit for my interview on Thursday. I finally purchased an Italian Job. I decided a new watch would go well with my suit so it was off to Argos. They only had the display model left. So, being my cheeky self I asked for a discount. They knocked a fiver off, bargain. Problem though, i got it home and found the strap was too wide and not alterable easily. I need to find time to take it back to get a few links removed.


Today I have been to uni. It began a good day as I got a free egg with my breakfast and a larger helping of beans than usual, WINNER. Quite a relaxing day in many ways ending up with 3 hour session in the micros lab. During this time I got my traffic lights program working. I also had the chance to talk to Becky, the only female on the course not of oriental origin. All in all it was a good day and for once I’m in a good mood 😀️

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