Soooo Stunning

There she was before me, nothing could compare to her elegant stance. I wandered past, my eyes transfixed on her location. She looks good from all angles. Should I get closer? Yes, yes, i should. From my closer position, her defining lines and curves made my heart flutter. I got closer still my hand brushing against her. So soft, smooth, gentle. Her feet so small and dainty when compared to my own. Oh the times we could enjoy together if only I could get to know her better. I approached her from behind (now now, don’t go thinking like that) my hands trembling I gently stoked her sides. My heart racing I knew now was the time, my mission defined. I removed the nickle plated brass thumb screws and slid off her left side. It was so light, the perspex window expertly riveted into place. I wanted to go further and so did she. Her invitation to remove her right side was eagerly taken up. A solid sheet of brushed aluminium, delightful. There she was before me, unclothed, naked. Never before had a seen such a beautiful frame, crafted by the gods of lian-li. I knew I was one of only a few to see this amazing site. I wanted to keep it safe, clean and secret. I dressed her again. Her elegance returned. I made my excuses and left her. I knew I would return but when. How long could I resist the temptation? Only time will tell.