Somebody Needs Organising

There are good reasons why I am shy, quiet and live in my room away from human contact. One of these reasons arose tonight. My sister has an art exam tomorrow. She needs a canvas. You think knowing this she would have made full preparations for such and important think, but no. So she began to prepare one. However, it needs priming. The problem here is that she assumed that the emulsion needed to prime it was readily availiable in the house. Secondly she is also going out. Now if this was me I would delay my going out and get the preparation done. Not my sister. She managed to get my dad stressed, my mother stressed and me stressed. Now the house is not a pleasant place to be when this happens. It so happens that my house is rarely a pleasant place. My carefree sister goes about her business and doesn’t see what chaos she causes. This is why i stay in my room most of the time. Atleast I don’t have to worry about upsetting the computer. I also find that most of the other rooms in the house get taken over by art work. Not being allowed to move it, cos its art, i stay in my own space. I make do with what space I have. I wouldn’t mind but I have the smallest bedroom. My sis could quite easily fit all her work in her room was it not so full of crap. You can probably tell I am not happy with the situation this evening. But what can I do about it. I stand up for my rights over the family spaces in the house but I’m the one who gets told by parents to give in as I don’t have priority over them.

((stress Rating – 6/10))

We\'re ALL tunks friends!
Well.... use your head Tunk... Do you own large quantities of paint stripper????? ;)
i kinda know how you feel brother gets money sent down to him every week at uni whereas myself i have to work for the f***er. its kinda a family thing really am sure every family has something that isnt rite for one child in the family.
Probably cause unlike you Lisa, he sounds like he has a future, of course your mam and dad are gonna support the kid likely to be successful in later life, they know that in 20 years time he'll pay for a nice nursing home for them while you're still signing on every thursday :D:D Only kiddin before you go mental :roll:
Paul am not going mental but you don't know me and you don't know my past so please don't make comments like that because its kinda upsetting. Sorry if this sounds bad.
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