She’s Back

Luscious Lisa

Todays highlights are that i did bugger all, although toda i took my grandma out for a pub lunch seen as it was her birthday, then went shopping with my old cow (mother), and then came home and then did bugger all again,

Life is very depressing at the moment, When you think you wished you was at home and not at work think again being at home is worse then being at work….believe me! I really want a job….anyone have any GOOD ideas not stupid ideas on where i could get a job???

Mr.andy p has gone out on piss tonight with little old titch ☹️

Am having to go down to Portsmouth this weekend to see my dear old brother and his “lovey” house mates….Not! And my stupid cow (mother) tells me am going to be back late Monday so i can only go out in the evening for Andy’s birthday…man she really knows how to wreck things!!

Hope everyone else is having a steady life, oh and exciting!

While me and Tunky baby are just giving each other advice on how to be happy!!! ;D

Anyway its time to go pack my case!
Bye for now give you the news on Monday night!!


Your not allowed to call me Titch, you can call me Anthony... As for a job, perhaps Andrew could get you an application form for Somerfields, then you can work with him? or perhaps Paul can get you one for McDs? or sign up on that Job Seekers allowance thing?> or can you only get that if youve just sneeked into the country from Ghana by hiding into the wheel docking placey thing on a plane... --- Anyway, im just going to the toilet to drop off a parachute regiment of cambodian soldiers...
Andy P
Amsterdam has a very available job market in which one could learn a valuable skills for which they could use in later life.... Cool.