Seriously Pissed Off

Today marks the end of a bad week. The group project was going to be handed in today. I was up till 3:40am this morning putting the finishing touches to my part. I couldn’t get more done as the rest of the pathetic wood lice were hiding under some rotten wood trying to put together their contribution. I had asked all of them to give me their contribution by Wednesday. No such luck there. They even want to hand me hand written notes to be typed up. I was not a happy bunny. I don’t like to be let down by vermin like that when I have put alot of time and effort into it. That was the first thing bad about today.

Next was the cancellation from ebuyer of my power supply order. For the past three weeks I have been waiting for them to acquire a new supply of power supplies. Today I discover that the 29 day wait for new stock had vanished along with the rest of the product. So I now need to cancel my order and buy it from another place. I bet I wont get as good a deal as I was expecting.

The third thing is a stressful home. Yes, everybody has had a bad week but it gets beyond a joke when everybody else seems to be having as bad a week as you are. For this reason I am left hiding in my dark dank pit as usual. Keep out the way of others and they will keep out the way of you.

What I didn’t mention on Wednesday was the fact that I was fed up with Matt & Rajiv at work. I know theres nothing wrong with having a laugh and a chat at work. But when you find them hanging about out of sight chatting when they could still be doing something productive it irritates me. This is due to the fact they are making more work for me. They take no pride in their work at all. The lazy f**kers. Yes Rajiv, I do have the same job title as you but when I tell you to do something its because it needs doing and if you were doing your job properly you wouldn’t need to be told.

If I have not offended everybody yet please let me know and I will do so.

Hello, this is Anthony, not andrew, although im at his house, i just thought i would take this opportunity to take the piss out of you for being a c**k sucking arse f****t. Andrew didnt want me to write anything, because he was scared that you would do something nasty, he thought you meant to his computer, but i have a feeling that you want to rape his bottom. And you work with Rajiv? what kind of name his that?
Hmm, I have had to edit yourr comments as they were verging on not being suitable.
Fair play youngester - all in good fun, all in good fun
You need to get out more brother ;-)